Green Fire! Democratic Animism Now! (Vernal Equinox at Open Secret Bookstore)

20 Mar 2014

Open Secret Bookstore
923 C Street
San Rafael, CA


Caroline W. Casey

(just returning from the Whales of San Ignacio Bay, filing scouting report, what they would like to convey to us at this time of Dire Beauty)

convening an evening of:

Green Fire! Democratic Animism Now!

Whale and Coyote’s Choreography of Creation 

We gathered on the Vernal Equinox, at the exact Moon-Saturn 23+ Scorpio conjunction:”Sermon on the Mount” to tease inspirational mojo into every molecule of our being.

Recording Available Now:

Price: $20.00

As dominance goes down (taking so much life with it) –  time to align with the culture of Collaborative Reverent Renaissance Rising from the Rubble, that our species may have manners, and a capacity to cahoot with creation.

astro*mytho*politico*talk*ritual aligning with Nature’s Evolutionary Indigenuity, aka Trickster Intelligence, found in Whales, Dolphins, Raven, Crow, Coyote, seeds that sprout after cataclysm, the plucky part of us that loves “against all odds.” Opportunity abounds for us all to become more intelligent. All of Nature awaits our willingness to cahoot.

Let’s Cahoot!  Co-Operators are standing by!

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