Georgia Run-Off Election Eve Council

5 Dec 2022

Come lend imaginative woof to Raphael Warnock, as Black Gospel King Arthur, kinned with energetic mojo of High John the Conqueror, Trickster Redeemer Folk Hero of the South…

who “finds a way out of no-way, and hits a straight lick with a crooked stick.”

Agent of “against all odds – resounding Victory….

Department of necessary Miracles…

Let his/our Victory be resounding …

Write the headline:

“Warnock achieves resounding victory!”


We are once again opening Trickster Training Council –

to all who would like to join for this election magic council eve…


Miss Freedom atop the Georgia State Capitol


Georgia Election Eve Council


Monday, December 5th at 9pm eastern / 6pm pacific

joining our weekly Trickster Training Council

with Caroline W. Casey and Pat Ewing


Live Event (Audio Only – Phone or Web Broadcast)

& Replay Available directly after


*After payment, wait for the Event Page to load.

**If you do not receive an auto-email with the event page link from us within 5 minutes, please send an email to We will use this same automatic system to send a reminder on the day of. (Note: Gmail does not seem to be consistently receiving our emails right now, if you have an alternate email, please use that.)



Election Magic Council colleague, Pat Ewing, (CWC chiming in) writes:

“We are in a process of electing the earth as participant and voice in our government. Each election is a step toward the path of having a government in alignment with a higher purpose.

Warnock is a deserving candidate who can convene a round table, of ingenious altruism and bring many to it for the greatest good. More than in deciding one person over another, we are using the collective process our country has for changing direction to benefit all.”




We honor the inter-weaving of the astro-mythological with the political… all One Dream…

All that be real, be symbolic…

Raphael, the Leo King, like Black Gospel King Arthur, can convene the round table of  shining radiant equals (Early Leo Sun, MercurySextile to Jupiter Uranus in Libra… dedicated to Justice for all beings…)

So he be a first responder to Pluto’s entering Aquarius next year….Humming all his/our gifts  into pertinent prominence …


Senator Mentor…(His Venus in Gemini, capable of conversing with All… quintiles Chiron)

Join us to animate high voter turnout, honesty…necessary miracles…

engaging all our skills.. (cause if we don’t – we’ll always wonder…

and if we do, why then we are agents of Citizen Trickster…

(p.s. There be bombs to defuse, voters and poll-workers to protect, and other logistical errands)



Our gathering….

Moon exalted in Taurus,

(as she was in Nov. 8th Lunar eclipse election…)


So we are voting for Earth’s Resilience,

and our willingness to humbly cooperate….


Query or Blessing: