Fall Equinox Evening with Caroline Casey

22 Sep 2015

Open Secret Bookstore
923 C Street
San Rafael, CA

to cahoot with emergent Venus, bounding onto world stage on her
Change of Hearts Tour

astro*mytho*meta*guiding narrative for now!
We are electing a story…

Recording Now Available!!!

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recorded Tuesday September 22

In San Rafael, CA

So it’s not “what’s gonna happen” – but “how are we gonna dance?”

What would be the most surprising, desirable, playful, liberating, hearts boundaried and in full wide-open blooming, Medicine to be ladled out of the kerfufle cauldron?” we wonder.

(Oppressor seeking the medicine of what he oppresses, so let’s provide the tonic.)

We are artists of atmosphere, conjuring the empathic swirling swoosh where the desirable can happen…So now – by just loving everyone, we are danced into place. We are all unique experiments,willing to be agents of synchronicity with which creation speaks with itself.

With Venus, we are preparing ourselves for this time of Big Transition where we stand guard at the thresholds, dissolving the up-to-no-good, while inviting the good to enter the world at this time of Dire Beauty.

Calling all those Willing to be agents of the
Compassionate Trickster Redeemer
at this time of Dire Beauty


  1. Marion Smith says

    Never got to Bethany this summer, but have enjoyed my tape, and glad to see you out in CA! Will listen to your equinox tape and get prepared for the fall! Joining in the cahoots in spirit!

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