Election Eve · True Halloween Trickster Council

7 Nov 2022

Election Eve · True-Halloween Council


Statue of Liberty with Crown of Roses, collage design by ally Rita Fielder

with Caroline Casey, astro*politico*mytho navigational narrative

and Election Magic colleague, Patricia Ewing,

and jaunty songs, whereby to diaspora with dynamic serenity, proffered by Deborah Felmeth


Recorded Live on Monday, November 7th, 2022 · 9 pm et / 6 pm pt

(exact mid-season-Gate of Power)


Audio Recording Available by Donation

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An augur carrying their carved staff, Etruscan (‘lituo’, the curved stick used to symbolically divide the skies)

We are all engaged in Inaugurating the Guiding Story

that invites the best in all of us to play…

(to dissolve the cunning man’s delusional thrall

of mob mind, that incites the worst…)


Calling forth everyone’s Liberated Liberating Trickster self –

to rise to the occasion…!


Electing the Earth, that our rogue species have manners –

to humbly cooperate with Nature’s Guiding Genius…


Statue of Freedom, atop of the US Capitol


Let’s compost all petty intrigue,

liberating us to participate

in the Grand Intrigue of cultural transformation…


Wizard Witch Blessings –

to feel ourselves in resonant accord

with the spectacular choreography of now….


Participatory Animism!

with Nature’s evolutionary, experimental, liberating Genius

(aka Uranus in Taurus, conjoining the Moon in her exaltation…)

at Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, precise Full Moon line up,

so the Sun projects the Earth’s Shadow onto the Moon…



Let’s put that in our pipe and smoke it, in communing reverie…


And whenever the Moon emerges from eclipse,

she looks all fresh and sparkly- renewed…

and we with her in dynamic kinship…


Dance in the Moonlight (Theodor Severin, 1857)


In ancient Greek Astrology – the Moon is the People….

that the populace be liberated,

cleansed of delusion (“de-ludo” = “out of the Game”)


That tyranny, cruelty and greed

be eclipsed from the human repertoire…


“Tyrants don’t care if they are hated –

as long as the people don’t love the Earth!”


Let’s love the Earth!

“Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

(sayeth Rumi)


in the Reciprocal Embrace of Democratic Animism

(to and fro negotiating with what we love –

to come into a collaborative cahooting….

and mend our broken treaties…)


We have inflicted so much cruelty on our kin,

that we cannot resolve

by ourselves –

Tis by ourselves that got us into this pickle….


guiding dedicated action…


to Inaugurate (from the augur, augury)

Flora Fauna



  1. karen parrish says

    I sure wanted to join the council!

  2. Elise Osner says

    In the course of this gathering my cat Merlin pushed my smoky quartz off the deck railing to rest to the crossing of paths in the yard. I’ll take that as his move to clear up “stuff” in this time.

  3. Anahata Pomeroy says

    Blessed rain falling in California, nourishing all for fluid transitions.

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