Dreaming The World Into Being

20 Jun 2016

Open Secret
923 C Street
San Rafael, CA

Caroline’s astro*politico*mytho magnetizing animation

of the Guiding Meta-Story of Now!


Summer Solstice Full Moon

Dreaming The World Into Being – Full on Magic Time!


with Yemaya Inaugurating Flora-Fauna


calling in Big Momma –

guiding us to be guides through the wild ride of now…


with long-time ally Amikaeyla Gaston, calling in the Orishas of Woof

(let’s cahoot with the Guiding Intelligence of Nature – so much smarter, bigger and wiser than us…)

Monday, June 20th at 7 pm

$20 Advance, $30 Door

Open Secret Bookstore 
923 C Street, San Rafael CA 94901

reservations recommended



  1. Sara Nichols says:

    I wish to purchase this talk. Is there a way to subscribe to a podcast or something where I always get Caroline’s talks? I want them always. Would be willing to pay real money.

    • Standupcoyote says:

      Aha! Yes, we shall work on such. Helas, the audio recording was Kerfuffles. But we gave hopes for the video. Won’t know till videographer returns from Narnia.

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