Dream News Council #3

21 Nov 2023

Dream News Council #3

7 sessions · Participatory Astro*Mytho Zoom Council

Tuesdays · 9pm eastern / 6pm pacific

November 14 & 21 (away Nov 28)

& December 5 – January 2nd



Dream News

the news is a dream,

so let’s participate in dreaming the kind world into being…..

*registration open until 11/21, second council*


Just to guide us into the prospective increasingly wild 2024

Beauty (of democratic animism) neck and neck


With all of our participatory skills humming…


We are dropping the price, because,

All hands deck

Who brought what


Solve et Coagula, dissolve and reimagine

Let us sink to our knees
To be given energy for change for having made the world a nightmare… rather than the welcoming dream…

“What have we done with the garden entrusted to us?” Queries Antonio Machado

So without hubris, or presumption, let us gather to hone all of our participatory skills,
Cultivate our Craft, our sturdy craft that keeps us afloat in the wild seas we are navigating


The news is a Dream – So let’s participate in dreaming the news,
By honing all of our participatory skills:

Metaphor and music are the incarnational garb whereby power enters the world…

Metaphoric & linguistic agility to spiral out of polarity,
On which the dementors feed.
Please don’t feed the dementors…

At this time of unparalleled danger…

For anything anywhere is everywhere…

“If we can dream it up – we can dream it down,”

sayeth Rev Ike

Humbled by Horror – and the keening of what to do?

Call and response-

We unite
with all our kin, suffering agonizing grief,
To stop more horror…

That the world’s heart open to protect and honor all life,
To proffer a cloak of supportive solace, safety and kinship to all who are in peril….




  1. Priscilla Poupore says

    Sending adorations disguised as candy corn

  2. May this true Halloween day bring us a renewed dedication to the Earth and her continued existence as a flourishing planet for her humans, plants, animals, and unknowns around the Globe of Life-forms ever reinventing joy and happiness and wonder. Thank you, Caroline for always . . . .and ever living the promise of goodness and raising the flag of our community again and again.

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