Dreeing Our Weird: Trickster dives into the dark to dissolve dementors of doom domination!

16 Dec 2013

Open Secret
923 C Street
San Rafael, CA

– we gather in Council to align with the potential of this moment.

Uranus the Trickster stations over-head as the Full Moon waxes. Trickster has voice and cultural influence, and abundant potent metaphors proffered for animation. We gather in metaphoric back-stage.

Together we shall draw our bow-string back, arrows, tipped with compassion, tyranny as its target…and myriad more metaphors.. Metaphors Be With You!

923 C Street San Rafael CA 94901

Cost $25 in advance
$30 at door


  1. Hello–Am I reading the time correctly (12 am to 8:30 am), that we are invited to an all-night event? Midnight to morning? A real diving into the dark? Just checking….

    • Caroline W. Casey says:

      hmmm…must check…cerrtainly that would be an oops ro confusing timing, although appreciate your jaunty enthusiasm for an all night venture. Events on Monday the 16th and Tuesday the 17th in California begin at 7 pm (circa 90 minutes). Virtual tele*coyote 6 pm pt on Monday Dec. 23rd.

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