Compassionate Trickster Training at HollyHock, BC

23 Jul 2014 until 27 Jul 2014

PO Box 127
Cortez Island, B.C.

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Let us re-story the world!

In nature, some seeds only bloom after cataclysm. By analogy, some parts of ourselves only come alive at a time of Dire Beauty. Now is that time.

Trickster Medicine is the sine qua non*, because it renders all other dedications effective. By assuming personal and cultural leadership, by expanding our repertoire of responses rather than reactions, we ally ourselves with nature’s evolutionary intelligence and ingenuity.(Trickster, Coyote, Raven, Sheherezade, Marie Laveau, High John the Conqueror and more!)
Cultivate the magic of language, metaphoric agility and story. Animate, magnetize and spiral forth into the memosphere, the most irresistibly all inclusive guiding cultural meta-story.
Hold up your magic mirror (that you have always had, like Dorothy’s slippers in the Wizard of Oz). Now, the secular critic part of yourself says, “Look, it sucks – in detail.” Then, with a wave of the hand, your Inner Trickster transforms the mirror into a window, “But look how beautiful it could be!” And then, with another wave of the hand, transforms the window into a door – “Let’s Go!”


Trickster Training includes:


5 day retreat at the amazing Hollyhock on Cortez Island, B.C.

Practicing the arts of critique and blessing

Studying leadership models in the natural world (wolves, geese and…)

Teasing forth the implications of the trickster tales


Together, guided by natural facts, myth, fairy and folk tale, poetry, actual political reality, the ancestors, and ritual magic, we’ll spiral redemptive possibilities into group mind, and then individually syncretize, customize, and animate our own companionable Trickster Redeemer, that we may be agents of the imperative Cultural Renaissance.

This time of Dire Beauty guides us to ally with Nature’s evolutionary Indigenuity to spiral forth cultural renaissance of collaborative cahooting.


Guided by natural facts (Let all Natural facts be social strategy metaphors!), myth, fairy tales, poetry, politics, magic and our animated inner Trickster, let’s re-story the world.

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  1. What are the hours and cost and any other juicy details?

    Thank you


  2. Oh, this looks so good! I am committed in South Dakota through the end of July, before heading out to BC. Will you be doing anything else in BC after August 1? I would love to cahoot.

    Thank you,

    • Caroline W. Casey says

      Well, should plans change in this wild fluctuating serendipitous synchronous field, Trickster Training Council awaits- Calling all sacred clowns to cultivate, animate, magnetize and spiral forth into the memosphere the all inclusive guiding story…That our language and metaphor be in accord with our dedication….Anything else after Trickster Training after gathering in BC, is as yet a mystery.

  3. Ellen Greenlaw says

    This looks wonderful and I’d love to attend. I’m in a wheelchair and Hollyhock is inaccessible. Is there someplace I could stay on Cortez Island that is wheelchair accessible? Coyotes YES YES. I heard one outside my house last night.

  4. I’m coming.

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