Caroline W. Casey Returns to Commonweal

23 Jun 2017

451 Mesa Road
Bolinas, CA

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Stella Coyote Memorial Summer Solstice Tour!

June 23 rd · 6:00 pm-7:31 pm (New Moon)

High John Eve-holiest day in New Orleans

– with Amikaeyla Gastonia calling in the spirits.
Astro*politico*mytho*ritual* talk*theatre

Photo: Commonweal


  1. Marilyn Lopes says

    Sending you my sincere sympathy for the loss of Stella Coyote. I have limited experience with coyotes, but I would like to share with you a few very brief moments that I experienced while living in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in a town called Ahwahnee. I was driving into town one morning and happened to see a coyote crossing the road ahead of me. I slowed down and when she got to the other side of the road, she stopped and turned to me and looked me right in the eyes with such clear, bright, dark eyes. I felt very blessed that she looked at me so intently. I noticed that her coat was very beautiful, shiny and full, a mottled color of dark brown, grey and beige. She was so healthy!
    Another coyote incident took place one hot summer evening. We were sitting outside behind the house, after dusk, and nearby I heard a bark, sort of a high-pitched dog bark. The bark was quickly followed by the howling of a small pack, then the yip-yip of perhaps a hunting expedition. I immediately knew that the first barks were the signal by the alpha to the rest of pack to hunt or to surround the prey. I was glad to hear the bark of the alpha, and how the pack members knew exactly what to do. They were hidden by the trees, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to see the coyotes. I am so glad I had these coyote experiences, although brief, but quite meaningful.

  2. Leeanen Sidhe says

    Blessings to Stella Coyote as she embarks on her journey into the realm of the spirit. And Blessings to you Carolyn for everything that you do. I’ve been listening to your radio show on KPFA now for about 3 years and I consider you my new high priestess. I see you’ll be in my neck of the woods on Summer solstice Wed. 21, 2017. I’m thinking of going but the heat may keep me at home. One of these days I do plan on coming to Open Secret when you are there. The shop was a favorite haunt for me when I was a young witch back in the 90’s. I go there less now but I still love to stop by there from time to time. Blessed Solstice to you.

    – Leeanen Sidhe

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