Bioneers 2011

15 Oct 2011

Marin Center
10 Avenue of the Flags
San Rafael, CA

Convening the Medicine Council of Trickster Redeemer Ancestors

to conjure, animate and spiral forth into the memosphere the most invitationally all inclusive, desirable, guiding story of democratic animism.
We humans can not resolve – by ourselves – the innumerable irreverent horrors we have imposed upon our planetary kin. It’s “by ourselves” that got us into this pickle. But fortunately
Co-Operators Are Standing By!
The ancestors, with whom we are willing to cahoot this night, are not just human – but the triumphant resilient life force of all evolutionary collaborative ingenuity in myriad human, plant, animal, oceanic, and mythic expressions. Mythic figures are metaphoric animations of Nature’s intrinsic Intelligence.
And metaphors are the incarnational garb whereby power is invited onto the world stage. So let’s invite our favorite Mythic being, and expand our repertoire of metaphoric agility for a mega-social strategy up-grade!

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