Equinox Lunar Eclipse Talk (9.24.16)

24 Sep 2016

Institute for Spiritual Development
5419 Sherier Place N.W.
Washington, D.C.,

Beauty and Destruction
– Neck and Neck:
Betting on Beauty!

Flora Fauna 2016


Autumnal Equinox
Guiding Meta-Narrative
9.24.16 in DC!


with Coyote Network News’
(Mythological news service
for the Trickster Liberator within us all)

Caroline Casey


caroline at bookstore crop2

Host of The Visionary Activist Show

– 20 years of critique and solutionon Pacifica radio network.

Re-wedding activism with animism, back with Underworld scouting reports

from being Coyote Press at both conventions.

Rousing keynote speaker at convenings of sane reverent solutionaries

(Bioneers, Commonweal, Grand Canyon Trust…)


Hometown action with



Wondrous Collaborative Cahooter, Drummer: Katy Gaughn
to conjure the musical mojo to make the magic happen.



We be Magnetizing
Music and Metaphor into Matter!


· Saturday, September 24th · 7:00 pm · $20 ·

(cash or check)
Doors open 6:30 pm – Place will be hoppin’!

Institute for Spiritual Development
in adorable Palisades DC

5419 Sherier Place N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016


Now more than ever – at this time of Dire Beauty:

The world needs its Tricksters!

Dedicated to being agents of liberating blessing,

compassion with sizzle, allied with Nature’e evolutionary genius

– that loves against all odds.


Coyote, Raven, seeds that sprout after cataclysm,

jaunty detectives journeying to the Underworld to restore

human affairs to be in accord with the mandate of heaven and earth,

are all our colleagues with whom we are destined

to rendezvous this Autumnal Equinox.


Let’s harvest earned optimism

at this Time of Dire Beauty…


“Be jaunty, even though fully informed,”

sayeth Wendell Berry.


So much incentive (ack) and opportunity

being proffered to us that Sane Reverence

may assume Cultural Narrative Lead.




Inaugurating a guiding story strategy for Autumn

– woo-hoo, more fun to navigate

this cuckoo maelstrom with others…


Myriad forms of cahooting:

No time to face this election alone


come join Trickster Training Council

where we experimentally convene that our language,

metaphor and story be in accord with our dedicated hearts.

We transcend doom and gloom (“no future in nihilism”) with jaunty aplomb.


As David Grimes quips,

“If we’re not having fun – we’re just not serious enough!”



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