September 17-20th Caroline, with Amikaeyla Gaston, Mc’s the hub stage at Symbiosis festival,

every day as well as presenting, after the Yes men and Amy Goodman on Saturday Coyote Network News Astro*Mytho*Autumnal Equinox Guiding*Meta-Story: Coyote Campaign Coverage. Electing a Story. Inaugurating Democratic Animism, Visionary Activism, Pragmatic Mysticism, Applied Divination - that we may be ever more effective players on the Team of … [Read more...]

Dr. Future/Carolingian radio

Since 2009, in more than 200 shows, the world of robots, 3D printers, nanotech, and crowdsourced culture shocks have changed reality, and The Dr. Future Show has been on board spotlighting the inventions, disruptions, and trends. Listen to Caroline's interview on the show.   … [Read more...]

Nutrient Rich – Pertinent to Now

From our archives, nutrient rich pertinent to now, honoring of Venus, especially great segue from last week's challenging show, Caroline hosts most wonderfully inspiring Lily Yeh. Listen Here … [Read more...]


Our Trickster  team-mate, liberating our political spiritual story devotee, Pat Ewing, joins me tonight as we honor the navigational guidance proffered by this myriad nourishing fluorishing manifestings… May Reciprocal Blessings Abound To read more, see the charts for today and listen LIVE to tonight's "Tele*Coyote" on-line … [Read more...]

New Moon in Sagitarius

Old Story to New Story: "De're Was Times. when all da creatures used to gather to segachuate, just like there ain't been no fallin' out, like there ain't been no hard times, like they all remembered they were all kin," ("Bre'r Rabbit")   So yes, upon Grand Wazir Counsel, I will attend this (below) event on Israel and Palestine tonight as … [Read more...]

Navigating the Noire of Now

Halloween Season: Re-Turning to Spooky Grace Owl Jazeera reporting: "Hoot-Hoot!" "Death and Resurrection Showtime."  As troubadour-wilderness guide David Lynn Grimes reminds us, in the most turbulent of River rapids, there is a “ silver tongue of calm,” into which we now aspire to glide... with our (ungettable-unscapeable) goats, our … [Read more...]

Compassionate Trickster Training Council at HollyHock – July 2013

Trickster Training Council Talk Wednesday! and ensuing Curriculum Compassionate Trickster Training Council 8 pm talk at HollyHock Wednesday Night, July 17th, open to public: come one come all   Trickster Training Council July 18-21st, (yes there is still room for aspiring agents of the Trickster Redeemer) Yes, I am willing to be … [Read more...]

Interview with Kevin Whitesides in Chitzen Itza

Not sure if this is useful to anyone, filmed by the Synthesis crew, so the sound etc, quality not really happening, but it is a curio-mini-moment of Chichen Itza on Dec. 21st 2012. Part 1: Part 2: … [Read more...]

Yo Fellow Trickster Redeemer Apocalypsteros y Apocalypsteras!

Greetings from Chichen Itza, Valladolid  On this last day of - (fill in the blank) the old year, and the Maya Long Count, 5200 Tuns, 13 Baktuns 13 x 144,000 days (circa 5, 1225 years):An excellent cauldron be brewing whereby to toss the dross of the last aeon, from which Trickster ladles out spirals of democratic animism, the restoration of … [Read more...]

Coyote Network News True Halloween Election Coverage

Yo Fellow Agents of the Trickster Redeemer within us all, Now is the time for the dedicated play of Reciprocal Blessing, (and reminding each other to breathe fully into the top of our lungs. Wheweeee…) Tonight, Monday November 5th Trickster Training Council hour-ish long tele*coyote (call and web) at 6 pm PT, 9 pm ET. Because this is potent … [Read more...]