Protecting The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Caroline welcomes the return of Subhankar Banerjee, one of the foremost protectors of The Arctic National Wildlife, Responding to threat with Trickster “Indigenuity” (thank you, Bob Gough, Dan Wildcat, Curtis Catawba for that word) Becoming like what we love to be its protectors. To protect wolves - become more like wolves to protect Arctic and … [Read more...]

“The Place Where Life Begins”

Once again we return to protect the Arctic National Wild Life Refuge (called by the indigenous Gwitch’in "the place where life begins,") at its moment of direst peril. "And yet we may prevail," says Caroline’s guest, Subhankar Banerjee, whose remarkable book of Arctic photographs is one of this week’s premiums. We also welcome a recent graduate … [Read more...]