Deliberate Dedication to Democracy

Caroline Plays excerpts from team Equinox presentation, honoring Democratic Animism Now! (a magnetizing pledge incentive for $75), and co-riffs with Patricia Ewing that we may all spiral into Equinoctial Equilibrium, to be agents of cool response in a hot reactive world…   Patricia is the former Deputy Chief of Staff to Vice … [Read more...]

Re-Storying Equilibrium at Equinox by re-wedding the Land

Caroline re-welcomes up-coming election magic council co-cahooter Patricia Ewing, bringing liberating political diagnostic strategy, and Sean Padraig O’Donoghue, contributing Bardic Equinox guiding for deliberate democracy…. Equal Night & Day, Equal Mars and Venus, Equal humans and rest of our kin! “Nae King, nae Quin, we willna be … [Read more...]

Skookum Radio

Skookum Radio (calmly gathering our wits, that we be connected to the spirits, and completely competent for the work at hand.) Caroline welcomes political strategist for good, Patricia Ewing, reporting in from the Field (Pennsylvania) that we may gather our wits, settle our souls, in order to align with the Phoenix’s song that re-minds us all … [Read more...]

Dark of Moon Council

Caroline welcomes Patricia Ewing at our Dark of Moon Council, where we compost conniption fits and harumphitude, transform anger into desire, and derive our strategy from Aikido’s Art of Peace Listen here: Patricia Ewing … [Read more...]

Disruption in service to Harmony

Eris and Harmonia - in cahoots in political (and all) realms. Creative Disequilibrium. No prison for the unexpected! Caroline welcomes back Patricia Ewing, long-time savvy political advocate for collective well-being, voting rights and such.. we may even take callers. Eek. 20160414-Thu1400   … [Read more...]