Dark of Moon Council

Caroline welcomes Patricia Ewing at our Dark of Moon Council, where we compost conniption fits and harumphitude, transform anger into desire, and derive our strategy from Aikido’s Art of Peace Listen here: Patricia Ewing … [Read more...]

Disruption in service to Harmony

Eris and Harmonia - in cahoots in political (and all) realms. Creative Disequilibrium. No prison for the unexpected! Caroline welcomes back Patricia Ewing, long-time savvy political advocate for collective well-being, voting rights and such.. we may even take callers. Eek. 20160414-Thu1400   … [Read more...]

Liberating Democracy

-let’s cook democracy back to its originating impulse and offer our dedicated self to that spirit. Mythological Campaign Coverage - Inaugurating a Guiding Story, Electing the Earth Caroline welcomes two political poet allies, James Yeager (worked for Senator Gene McCarthy and wrote Washington articles for the Texas Observer, the … [Read more...]