Irresistible Eloquence Opens Portals Between Worlds

  Irresistible Eloquence Opens Portals Between Worlds   Caroline welcomes the 13th guest-hood of Martín Prechtel whose latest proffering be, “Rescuing the Light," that we may- “snap out of it!” he encourages, and embrace Our Dangerous Beautiful Assignment (composting “trauma").   Listen … [Read more...]

The Art of Grief, Praise, and Blessing

Caroline welcomes the return of Martín Prechtel, whose latest book be "The Smell of Rain on Dust - Grief and Praise" Let Venus initiate Mars, (lest Mars attack Venus - life, beauty, art, kinship) . As Martín has oft said, "for lack of grief we go to war." Let's ladle Beauty out of the Cauldron of Grief. Visionary … [Read more...]

Dark of Moon “Long Life – Honey in the Heart” Radio

Caroline hosting long-time ally of aspirational eloquence, fellow pragmatic mystic dedicated to democratic animism, Martín Prechtel. We be in KPFA Fund Drive (11shows of Caroline and Martín cahooting available)     Listen Now … [Read more...]

Today our Fund Drive honors Venus in Myriad forms,

with a cameo love drive-by from Martin Prechtel (offering his book "Unlikely Peace...") and Keeper of venus and Mars cycles Daniel Giamario, offering Rose tinctures from Al-Kemi, and magic potions from Dori Midnight,and all honoring Chuck Brown,The GodFather of Go-Go, and Donna Summer, the Queen of Disco, go back-stage in tandem... (Jason Cohen's … [Read more...]

conversational cahooting with Martin Prechtel

Caroline hosts long-time compadre, Martin Prechtel, that we may honor the plant world and "feed the Holy" in our conversational cahooting." Martin's latest book being offered in our Fund Drive: "The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic:The Parallel Lives of People as Plants:Keeping the Seeds Alive" Listen … [Read more...]