Dark o Moon Council

Caroline Welcomes Jerome McGeorge to Vision Social Harmony, & consider, magnetize & animate  the guiding narrative for collective well-being- unfurling before us…. Astro*mytho Wizard Ally Agent of Green Man: longtime organic*bioregional farmer, founding member of Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool (CROPP), the cooperative that is … [Read more...]

Astro*Mytho Magi

  Magi- arriving! Here to re-animate January 6th, Epiphany, when the Magi arrive, to honor the passing year, and look to the collaborative cahooting available in 2022, Caroline welcomes 2 favorite astro*mytho co-cahooters, Jerome McGeorge, and Heather Roan Robbins. Astro*mytho Wizard Ally Jerome McGeorge, Agent of Green Man: … [Read more...]

Astro*Animism allying with Nature’s Trickster Genius

Grief as compost for Resilient Human Goodness. Caroline welcomes the return of Jerome McGeorge, astro*animist*enviro-farmer-wizard, co-founder Organic Valley, founding member of Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool (CROPP), for another spirited romp of applied pragmatic mysticism for collective well being, allied with Nature’s Trickster Genius, we … [Read more...]

Convening the Council of Positive Intrigue

  Convening the Council of Positive Intrigue with encore guest astro wizard Jerome McGeorge, Mondragon aficionado (worker owned), founder of Organic Valley, at this conspiratorial Dark of Moon, awakening all the positive sleeper cells, those born in 1941, 1952, 60’s, 1993, 2005 (for every toxic, there be a liberating tonic); declaring … [Read more...]

Atmospheric Inaugural Magic

  Caroline welcomes the return of collegial Green wizard Jerome McGeorge, that we may delve into the guiding narrative of now... Participatory Astro*Mythology of On-going Inauguration. The necessary magic that comes in dangerous times, has been called in, now to tease its pertinence into the gargantuan tasks ahead. Jerome McGeorge is an … [Read more...]