Cultivating Wonder, Curiosity & Biophilia (replay)

Caroline co-rifs with segments of this powerful deep great show, whereby to magnetize money for KPFA/fund drive… Offering this fantabulous book, "Wild New World: the Epic Story of Animals and People in America," as a thank you for pledging $150 or more… Or $15/month   Original post: (Replay … [Read more...]

Riveting Radio ~ Storytellers Continued

  Riveting Radio, on-going celebration of the Visionary Activist Show - 25 years on the air, rummaging in the archives, we have conjured potent radio collection #2, as incentive to pledge, of which we will be weaving clips from Tim Reiterman on Jonestown (lessons of which highly pertinent to our present conundrum) and with Diane Wilson and … [Read more...]

Fund Drive Today

KPFA in Fund Drive - no new Visionary Activist Show today - we shall return next week!   Listen to the KPFA Broadcast today: KPFA Radio Live Feed … [Read more...]

Telepathic Radio Cahoot

Visionary Activist Show - not - today, as I am in Chicago at the United Astrology Congress, a hoot of a gathering (and KPFA will take the opportunity to Fund Drive). However, am inviting all to telepathically cahoot, in-time, out of time, as at the usual time of our convening I will be beginning 4th hour of (1-5 pm cdt) of Trickster's Astro … [Read more...]

The Trickster Path – Cultural High Jinx and the art of directing Cultural Intelligence

We are in Fund Drive, honoring Visionary Activist Show 19th year anniversary, honoring Trickster, eager to bound further onto world stage. Visionary Activist Show - 09-17-2015 … [Read more...]