anarcho*entheo*animism festival continues

Caroline co-riffs with clips of 2 wondrous guests, Diana Beresford Kroeger, and Rachel Harris, and Peter Kropotkin whose books serve as pledge magnetizers in our on-going anarcho*entheo*animism festival... Mutual Aid, Peter Kropotkin + Swimming in the Sacred: Wisdom from the Psychedelic Underground, Rachel Harris + To Speak for the … [Read more...]

A Forest Journey Revisited

First show April 20, 2023, Today, a continuation ... Caroline re-welcomes John Perlin, whose prodigious “A Forest Journey,”  re-published by Patagonia, is our primary magnetizing pledge incentive for today! How did we get here? this mega-crisis.. and what shall we do? Radio Magic…to honor Symbiotic Mutualism… How can we humbly … [Read more...]

Re-Dreaming Humans Cooperating with Nature

  Dark o Moon, opportunity to influence culture… Flora Fauna Fungi gives us the task of re-designing the human cultural interface with Nature. So, Caroline plays Kim Stanley Robinson’s Bioneers 2023 talk - as we are in KPFA Fund Drive, pitching his book  “The High Sierra: A Love Story," as a magnetizing pledge incentive. Also … [Read more...]

Generosity and Cooperation in the Natural World

  Fund Drive, Caroline magnetizes pledges by playing segments of this previous show… and offering this most wonderful book for a pledge of $150: Sweet in Tooth and Claw: Stories of Generosity and Cooperation in the Natural World Originally aired October 6th, 2022 Caroline hosts Kristin Ohlson, whose … [Read more...]

Cultivating Wonder, Curiosity & Biophilia (replay)

Caroline co-rifs with segments of this powerful deep great show, whereby to magnetize money for KPFA/fund drive… Offering this fantabulous book, "Wild New World: the Epic Story of Animals and People in America," as a thank you for pledging $150 or more… Or $15/month   Original post: (Replay … [Read more...]