Equinox Eve Address Radio

  “That Government of the People, by the People, for the People shall not perish from this earth!"   Playing first 40 minutes of Caroline Casey & Amikaeyla Gaston’s Equinox Eve Address, after which -KPFA in Fund Drive, Magnetizing w/wondrous Kris Welch…       Listen & Download "Equinox Eve … [Read more...]

Mythic News of Now: The Return of Persephone

Night Blooming Cereus be stronger than War Beauty Poker: "Remember when life gives you demons - make demonade." (Liz Sandford) Caroline co-riffs with herself (The talk given on the night of the Equinox), scouting reports from the Peoples Climate March, New Moon, anniversary of Neptune's discovery 1846, Pluto stationing…What must we die to … [Read more...]