What Gets Us Through the Underworld

As Pluto stations, animating the metaphor of a cauldron bubbling with liberating possibilities, Caroline welcomes the return of Dick Russell (environmental journalist, author of James Hillman bio, and more!) and our Mythologically erudite colleague Romeo Keyes, author of the remarkable essay “How Myths Have Shaped My … [Read more...]

22 Years of Liberating Trickster Radio

At this 22nd anniversary of the Visionary Activist Show, honoring Caroline's first ever guest, James Hillman, (double Aries liberating Jungian psychologist) by welcoming his biographer, Dick Russell: “The Life and Ideas of James Hillman, volume I; The Making of a Psychologist." https://dickrussell.org/ Dick Russell, favorite guest … [Read more...]

May a Renaissance of Sane Reverence Eclipse Dystopia

Caroline is enthused to welcome back Dick Russell and his crucial pertinent book “Horsemen of the Apocalypse: The Men Who Are Destroying Life On Earth - and What It Means For Our Children,” an in-depth investigation into the energy moguls most responsible for the climate change crisis facing our civilization. May a Renaissance of Sane … [Read more...]