Syncretizing Sacrament of Crossing Borders

Caroline hosts long-time radio-guest ally, Deborah Felmeth, from Syria, joining us from Kuwait (may the gods of audio connection be willing!) on our Dark of Moon rendezvous path to convening Trickster Council in India. The syncretizing sacrament of crossing borders, and dissolving them as we do. Convening Bodhisattva Coyote's astro*mytho … [Read more...]

Slow Down to Cool Out Conflagration: Yosemite-Syria Radio (Replay)

'Let Natural Facts be Social Strategy Metaphors.’ Replay of Caroline's ever pertinent interview with Ron Kauk, master rock climber, guide, mentor, long-time inhabitant of Yosemite, author of “Letters from Sacred Rok, Education Nature’s Way” & Deborah Felmeth, long-time ally of Syria. Next week Caroline will be back … [Read more...]


Salam-Shalom! “Peace is not the absence of war – but the presence of One!” sayeth Deborah Felmeth, whom Caroline welcomes as her guest today. Deborah files scouting reports of Defiant Joy, having returned from 3 months in Syria, her beloved home. She is the author of the beautiful book of her photographs: “Syria-Remember … [Read more...]

On-Going Blessing Beauty Poker

Caroline again hosts beautiful ally Deborah Felmeth unfurling her book Syria - Remember Me, that we may keep intimacy with the people, the culture, the land, of Syria; seeing beauty emerging from the rubble. By remembering...we contribute to re-weaving the magic carpet that has been torn asunder. Wherever there be uninitiated Mars-rampant and … [Read more...]

“Syria-Remember Me” Grief and Beauty

Caroline welcomes long-time ally Deborah Felmeth, Venusian guide to intimacy with the beauty of the Middle East, author of the forthcoming book: “Syria- remember me!” on this waxing Moon of Compassionate Kinship, anniversary of Katrina, time of devastating destruction in Syria. May poignancy and grief strengthen kinship. The oppressor actually … [Read more...]