Honoring Beauty & Loss

Honoring Beloved Team-mate Bob Gough, (who died on Sunday) *Will be offering the 14 Visionary Activist shows, Bob Gough Collection (down-loadable) as premium $100 and welcoming  guest Virginia Daley, great artist ally of Bob’s *offering 5 of her prints (posted below) for a pledge of $100 each, *for a pledge of $200 join weekly Trickster … [Read more...]

Inaugurating Standing Rock, Electing Sane Reverence!

  Story Guides: Caroline welcomes Bob Gough,  long time Lakota lawyer and straw bale permanent eco-village builder, filing scouting reports from Standing Rock http://www.intertribalcoup.org/    - segueing into Daniel Brezenoff (Political Activist, Writer, Professor of Human Services) will be on to discuss the upcoming Electoral College … [Read more...]

Caroline Hosts Eve Ensler and Bob Gough

The Pussy Monologues - Caroline hosts Eve Ensler, Tony Award-winning playwright, performer of The Vagina Monologues, which has been performed in over 140 countries. She is the founder of V-Day, a global movement to stop violence against women and girls, which has raised over $100 million - V-Day’s most recent global campaign was the massive One … [Read more...]

Of Trees and Socialism

On Eve of Bioneers Conference - in first half of show Caroline welcomes fellow presenter, Tree-Sisters founder Clare Dakin. 2nd half of show Caroline welcomes the return of Bob Gough, lawyer for the Lakota Sioux, institutor of Green Red energy, renewable energy on Reservations…to speak of American Socialism and Bernie.. Visionary Activist Show - … [Read more...]

Pragmatic Mysticisms, Democratic Animism, and applied Divination

Caroline hosts brilliant, prodigiously prolific Matthew Fox, in collegial cahoots via his dedication to re-awakening Mysticism to protect Mother Earth... Spirituality for the 21st century, Evolutionary Creation Spirituality movement - re-wedding Mysticism and activism, author of Meister Eckhart, a Mystic Warrior for our time and The Physics … [Read more...]