2012 Inauguration Augury

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Yo Fellow Agents of the Trickster Redeemer within us all, Now is the time for the dedicated play of Reciprocal Blessing, (and reminding each other to breathe fully into the top of our lungs. Wheweeee…) Tonight, Monday November 5th Trickster Training Council hour-ish long tele*coyote (call and web) at 6 pm PT, 9 pm ET. Because this is potent … [Read more...]

Electing the Earth

Returning to balance: guidance on effective strategy for cultural Renaissance, that we may assume meta-guiding story narrative cultural lead The first act of magic is critique-diagnosis. Macro and micro; we shall take a brief essential tour through the history and nature of colonialism, and its fuel of hyper-yang death frenzy. The woof of … [Read more...]

Inauguration Augury

Election Circus Begins... -Considering Balance -Voting for the Earth - Becoming Terra-ists In the midst of reactive global conflagration, there are responses of dynamic authentic sane vitality. We continue our practice of discerning the difference between “reacting” and “responding”, and transforming the former into the latter. … [Read more...]