Visionary Activist Astrology Councils

Yo Team,

While I engage the beautiful guiding astro*mytho language in all that I do, classes, councils, radio, life (sometimes mentioned, sometimes not) –

Tis with great dedicated enthusiasm that we launch our 7 week Visionary Activist Astrology Council Classes tonight

(Trickster loves those who skid in…late, but in nick of time)…(and can enroll though next week. All classes recorded for deeper reflection.)


“How might this be distinct from my Shift on-going Wednesday Trickster Training class, and my own on-going in perpetuity Monday Night Councils, both of which are astrologically framed…?”

I also wonder…

Some related resonance, for sure, even some same material.


Ah, but the distinction: For starters this is primarily dedicated to the astrological language. Full on.

Each week a planet, beginning with Saturn…(“Autonomy is a sacrament!”)

So that we really feel an intimate grasp of these living principles, that they are brought alive within us all, as collaborative allies…And can council and work it with actual charts, shared via zoom….apply to our micro and macro circumstance….


That we have an intimate inner team of all of our Intelligences. Dancing chi to chi with life.


To study the astrological language is to avail ourselves of the living alphabet of creation, bringing us into creative accord and cahoots…Whatever we study changes our brains. Studying astrology trains our intuition, allowing us to distill complex vastness into specific usefulness.


We will all be keeping journals – Sections for each planet, as a way of bringing organizational coherence into our lives, to be able to track themes internally, as well as in the news…


Especially crucial now, that we all in-source what we have been out-sourcing, in order to be ever more effective players on the team of creation…


All are welcome: I am delighted at the almost 200 people who have enrolled thus far; many of whom know nothing of astrology, with every gradation, all the way to many of whom run their own astrology schools. This is how I have always loved to teach this language, since 1979 – to beginners and advanced devotees, because we are focusing on fundamental principles…

Intelligences…That come more alive with our attention…

Whatever we study is how serendipitous synchronicity speaks to us… Life organizes itself meaningfully around our focus.

Each week we are more likely to encounter scenarios, customized to our planetary theme.

Filing scouting reports is encouraged…and everyone is welcome to participate in their own autonomous fashion.

Tis a living experiment, that will be also be a call and response dance with what enrollees desire….





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