Trickster Takes the Cultural Lead! – Vernal Equinox Talk 2011

20 Mar 2011

Recording Available (This is an MP3 download).

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Magnetizing the Desirable Story!
Come in to Balance, as all life hangs in the balance

Astro*Politico*Mythic News: Vernal Equinox Talk*Conjuring
with Caroline Casey,
chief Trickster at Coyote Network News,
weaver of context of The Visionary Activist Show/Pacifica Radio Network-KPFA/KPFK
with great music by Stream and Mathias

to encourage us all as we navigate this wildest turbulent Spring, where we will honor the sacrifice of all beings in Japan, Libya, Bahrain, Tunis, the Gulf, that we absolutely compost the murderously rude energy of colonialism, empire and Hubrus for nutrient for the culture of Reverent Ingenuity rising from the ashes of tyranny.

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