Tele*Coyote 5.20.2013 – Change the Metaphor – Change the Culture!

20 May 2013

Monday May 20th is the 3rd of 7 Pluto-Uranus squares..Dynamic whoo-hooo – Awooooo, that we be agents of responsive cool, defusing tension, in an increasingly hot reactive world.
(Jeez, does anyone in America not have a pipe bomb?” Uranus approaching the stationing degree 12+ Aries, whose image is “de-fusing bombs, that then fail to explode.)
Evolution is High Stress, not a bad thing, and comes with guiding choreography.
whereby to Trickster dance from collapsing structures to the experimental templates of desirable Renaissance.

Change the Metaphor – Change the Culture!
from Big Bang to wild rhythmic Unfurling

This Monday Night, May 20th, because it is such a potent time for dedicated group mojo, Caroline opens the door to her Monday Night Compassionate Trickster Experimental Mojo Mystery School (aka Trickster Training)

6 pm PDT/ 9 pm EDT via phone or web, for $20.

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