Q&A with Caroline Tonight (1.25.2017)

25 Jan 2017

Considering (“with the stars”) the astro*mytho*politico guiding meta-narrative be our

guide tonight on our free calland should our inner Trickster be magnetized to join –

also guiding us through the Seven Council Citizen Trickster Course (via Shift Network).


Tonight – Queries and Cahooting with Caroline W. Casey


·· 5pm pst / 8pm est ··


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This image, taken with the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 on board the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, shows the globular cluster Terzan 1. Lying around 20 000 light-years from us in the constellation of Scorpius (The Scorpion), it is one of about 150 globular clusters belonging to our galaxy, the Milky Way. Typical globular clusters are collections of around a hundred thousand stars, held together by their mutual gravitational attraction in a spherical shape a few hundred light-years across. It is thought that every galaxy has a population of globular clusters. Some, like the Milky Way, have a few hundred, while giant elliptical galaxies can have several thousand. They contain some of the oldest stars in a galaxy, hence the reddish colours of the stars in this image — the bright blue ones are foreground stars, not part of the cluster. The ages of the stars in the globular cluster tell us that they were formed during the early stages of galaxy formation! Studying them can also help us to understand how galaxies formed. Terzan 1, like many globular clusters, is a source of X-rays. It is likely that these X-rays come from binary star systems that contain a dense neutron star and a normal star. The neutron star drags material from the companion star, causing a burst of X-ray emission. The system then enters a quiescent phase in which the neutron star cools, giving off X-ray emission with different characteristics, before enough material from the companion builds up to trigger another outburst.

NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope


Everything wants to be liberated with shape-shifting experimentation.

This nightmare election, has made clear that astrology is not so much for Prediction – “What’s Gonna Happen?”, as so much for Divining – “What Qualities of Intelligence are Woofing Invitationally to us?”

The beautiful sky story of now, did not make sense for January 20th – but makes compete sense for January 21st and henceforth… 

Jupiter opposite Uranus now: Great luck is available now for those with dedicated purpose (let us dedicate to the desirable vision at hand!)

And Mars, Chiron, Venus dancing in the sky overhead – with direct fabulous lines, quintiles of irresistible eloquence to the dedicated purpose – and 60 degree angles of opportunity between the utopian ideal and the actuality – our capacity to invoke is present – and our dedication to critique and blessing!

This is the time of Trickster Pragmatic Mysticism (Mercury in pragmatic council guides Capricorn – exactly sextile Neptune-dreams-vision-metaphoric agility) in home realm of Pisces, next to asteroid Pallas Athena, whose image is “Girl with a bugle- calling in a new tide of cultural energy.”


Tonight and in our ensuing course, we will delineate the guiding story that resonates within us all, in customized unique ways…

  • so that we may be most skookum (connected to the spirits and completely competent for the work at hand)
  • re-dedicate ourselves to critique and blessing 
  • to cultivate our intrinsic (endogenous) talents for collaborative kinship

We humans cannot resolve our personal and collective circumstance “by ourselves.”  Tis “by ourselves” that got us into this pickle; but only by humble willingness to collaboratively cahoot with Nature’s Guiding Evolutionary Genius (aka Trickster) may we invoke a field of reassuring serendipitous synchronicity

“O Trickster dance us into place where we can be most ourselves, do the most good, and have the most fun by cultivating and contributing our considerable gifts in a manner that is replenishing.”

When we talk about a future .. As Jim Lewis (Astro*Carto*Graphy) says, Even thinking about traveling to a place, little tendrils of us and that place begin to co-mingle … 
We are thinking about the desirable future, creating the desirable world and inviting it to incarnate, atmospherically it’s present already and now we must invite it into the molecules of reality… when we think about that future already little tendrils of us are already commingling…

And we are the council of ancestors for the future!

Once we dedicate (let’s do it tonight!) and move our emotional default setting to “Woof*Woof*Wanna-Play?!” – the responsive multi-storied field of serendipitous synchronicity embraces and guides us. We are the molecules through whom the Big Story converses with itself through the magic of synchronicity! We need everyone!




And more about the upcoming (begins Wed, Feb 1st)

Seven Council Citizen Trickster Course

(via Shift Network) Wednesdays at 5pm pst / 8pm est


Council 1: Story-Crafting – Becoming Trickster Medicine Storytellers

February 1st

We invoke the ancient-modern power of story. Each week we shall animate the metaphor of the “Screen-writers’ hut, where we convene (modeled on the hut on the Big Studio lots, where smart beings would convene, wearing Fedoras and smoking (something)…

We shall invite historic, literal, mythological allies to be present there.

Wolfote is always there… For all of us who desire to complete a writing project with magical help – this be the place!


Council 2: Cultivating Reverent Irreverence & Compassion With Sizzle

Liberating Democracy

February 15th

Satire, repartee, sharp wit – all to liberate ourselves and others.

As Dorothy Parker says, “Every morning I brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.”

All wedded to the on-going art-form of our lives, that our manner of relating be an offering (rather than an imposition), and dedicated to liberating blessing…


Council 3: Breaking Old Spells

February 22nd

Taking new, more conscious vows with Saturn & Uranus

Setting free the past by becoming disciplined wild people 


Council 4: Dedicated Acts of Beauty Invite Power Into the World 

March 1st

The Dance of Venus & Mars


Council 5: The Liberating Magic of Language 

March 8th

Ever deeper delving into language craft, that our vocabulary be ever expanding, thus our intimacy with life ever-expanding


Council 6: Becoming Artists of Atmosphere and Public Dreams

The Neptunian Realms of Influence 

March 15th

Becoming Public Dreamers—the memosphere is one of the greatest realms of personal and cultural influence for Citizen Trickster.

The purpose of Ritual magic is to spiral into the memosphere expanded wisdom and tolerance.


Council 7: Blessing Poker – I See Your Blessing & Raise You One 

Embodying Our Customized Trickster 

March 22nd

Blessing Poker… that every critique be followed by a healing blessing…

Practicing the art of dedicated liberating blessings to all


Join the Seven Council Citizen Trickster Course!

(7 weeks · $297.00)



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