Free Call: Rising Trickster Renaissance!

1 Apr 2017

Free Call Saturday, April 1st at 10am pst/1pm est

Rising Trickster Renaissance

Protecting Democracy from Dementors of Doom with Creativity, Magic & Myth

(hosted by The Shift Network – great media allies)

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Recording available after the call for all who have signed up


Co-operators are standing by! 

Averting Dis-aster (“against the stars”)

by gathering to Consider (“with the stars”)

Long before there were humans – there was Trickster, who with a bolt of sizzling lightning sets the whole shebang going, sizzles through time and space, through flora and fauna, into each one of our psyches, awaiting invitational animation – now!  Journeying through inquisitions and imprisoning orthodoxies, it has become an ingenious escapade artist.

Syncretism is a Sacrament

Citizen Trickster’s Guiding Wisdom

Traditions of Animistic Activism 

Language grants us access to the realm it describes – if we can speak of it, we can journey there. Astrology, as a language of each of our individual psyche’s relationship to the  collective, rises to its greatest role, proffering guidance so that humans may rejoin the choreography of creation.

And coming soon: introducing Caroline’s upcoming Mega Council….

Citizen Trickster Training Council April – December 2017



  1. Elizabeth says

    Many blessings to you, your dear wolfote and to your cavorting with wonder for the good of all!

  2. Asking for Blessing on Ecuador’s presidential election tomorrow, April 2, and longevity and endurance for Ecuador’s current constitional legal rights for Nature ! and ban on GMO crops (EC and Venezuela are the only 2 countries in N, S and Central America to ban GMO crops). May Ecuador’s presidential election go well for All Life, and create a lightening spiral of liberation, renewal and mutual respect. Yupaichani (thank you Pachamama in Quechua)! Al hum dulila!

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