Trickster Shift – 7 Week Live Course

3 Feb 2016 until 16 Mar 2016

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Trickster Medicine

the world is raging – so let’s be the balm!

Way of the Trickster is a seven week online course that runs from February 3rd thru March 16th. It will be broadcast live every Wednesday at 5pm pacific time for 90 minutes.  If you can’t make the live call that’s not a problem because you will be sent recordings of each session as well as pdf transcripts of each session.  There are interactive question and answer sessions and group components as well. It also provides access to a Facebook group for further cahooting. 

7-week-courseAdditionally you will receive Caroline’s wonderful book Making the Gods Work for You as a audiobook and two more audio downloads from recent talks Caroline has given. 

Registration is open through February 17, 2016. So Jump In.

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(Coyote dis-claimer: some of the language-imagery etc. on the Shift page is a curious mix of me tossed into the Shift marketing whirly-gig exhortational scrambler …just discern your way through, and, if necessary, pull out your conniption fit-harumphitude composter, and see if the under-lying gist resonates)

The Time of Trickster is now!

Within each of us is a unique, ingenious, original, defiant, playful coyote, with whom we are willing to cahoot.
astro*mytho*politico navigational guidance for the wild ride ahead
Lotus rising out of mud- Mid-Winter to Spring-time.
Time to cultivate our unique ingenious, resilient, loves against-all -odds self!

Trickster queries “what qualities shall we cultivate to be “skookum”- (“connected to the spirits and completely competent for the tasks at hand?”) to “dree our weird” (“play our role in Destiny”)

We respond in our seven stages of Coyote Council, whereby to deduce, dedicate (Saturn) , cultivate, magnetize (Venus) , animate (Mars), and contribute (Jupiter) our considerable gifts to the world – at this time of Dire Beauty.
All be an experiment.


  1. monique Caulfield says

    Hi there. This sounds wonderful. Wondering how it works. Is this a weekly call in or recording. Is there a set time and day. Materials to work with etc? Trying to get a sense for how it would fit into my schedule. Thanks so much


  2. Hi,
    What is the time of your live broadcast today, March 3?
    I haven’t signed up, yet, and not sure if I can synch with your time tonight.
    If I miss the live call, is it recorded so I can hear it later?

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