Re*Play Dark of Moon Council

Slight backstage kerfuffles have shifted our plansToday: Re*Play of Dark of Moon Council (– Caroline welcomes Patricia Ewing at our Dark of Moon Council, where we compost conniption fits and harumphitude, transform anger into desire, and derive our strategy from Aikido’s Art of Peace.

Caroline planned to welcome influential Story Crafters for Sane Reverence: Phyllis Young, leader in American Indian Movement, and her ally film-maker Tricia van Klaveren, making “Guardians of the Water,” a film to debut at the Standing Rock Film Festival… Composting Colonialism into nutrient for Sane Reverence.  

This rousing and pertinent interview has been re-scheduled to be more perfectly live in DC studio on March 9th –  Yip Yip!

Listen Here to Dark of Moon Council Re*Play:


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