Co~Operational Remote Viewing

Caroline hosts Joe McMoneagle, “the best Operational Remote Viewer in the history of the U.S. Army’s Special Project – Stargate.” 

“Joe McMoneagle, internationally renowned as a master remote viewer and author of four books on remote viewing has 47 years of professional and scientific expertise in research and development within numerous multi-level technical intelligence collection systems and in  the field of the paranormal and the social sciences. He was an R&D consultant to SRI-International and Science Applications International Corporation, Inc. where he participated in protocol design, statistical information collection, evaluations, thousands of remote viewing trials in support of both experimental research as well as active intelligence operations for what is now known as Project STARGATE.”

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“Co~Operational Remote Viewing”

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“Joe now shares his expertise by facilitating the Remote Viewing Program at The Monroe Institute, which trains participants to acquire and describe information seemingly separated from the “viewer” and his or her physical senses by distance, shielding, and/or time.

It is Joe’s goal to insure that when participants leave the program, they will have a much deeper understanding for what remote viewing is, and a very large percentage of those attending will walk away knowing they had remote viewed under double-blind conditions and have tools to do so in the future.”


  1. Does this viewer also know Jack Houk who taught spoon bending yrs ago ?
    OR have some more ways of explaining what/how/who can utilize those facilities ? or ‘intuition’ ?
    (i left a comment here earlier, that does not apppear 12 hrs it held up ?)
    Does ur guest know more how and what IS “intuition”…who gets to have it, how, when it works, etc. and post some verifiable info here too ?
    or where to find reliable info, data, not “classified” still… (as in what is govt/taxpayer paid/scarey and so hidden in $Democratic files somewhere ? )
    just as remote-viewing was a taxpayer-paid-govt-plan / group… $ame as is so much of USA his . her story is denied until some 1 COURAGEOUS person or reporter lets the REST OF US also learn about what zhould be OURS TOO.

    please ask this trained in alternative-viewing guest to also contact us via email ( that we hope is not exposed for other hackers from here ) too.
    as heard Elllsberg today on ‘Democracy Now’ pgm KPFK, & ♡ KCET in LA, so many USA govt actions are hidden and denied
    and also misused while they remain in OUR NAME, when the ‘we’ in America become also responsible, as we are the payers & investor$$$, & thus we are seriously affected by so much (that we are never openly, honestly told about, or barely, or even study/ work done is denied…for centuries, or decades or ages… or until that topic, study, investment is ‘forgotten’ and no longer queried.)

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