Perseverance and Hope!

Welcoming Micah Nilsson, Mars animates Perseverance and Hope! (“Al Amal”) (name of 2 rockets landing on Mars today) that we may cultivate those qualities within ourselves and culture to best navigate the wild ride of now… Calm center in midst of turbulence. Supportive plant, mineral allies, even just hearing the names is a micro-dose…
That we may approach the world with informed reverent curiosity, could be one of Micah’s middle names.
She will invoke the allies: “Amber & Pearl, which help us with that electrical & sympathetic energy of energy of transforming injury & irritation; plus Blue Waterlily & Lotus, which speak to diving deep into the watery dream realm, bringing useful insights out, and having a peaceful perspective on it all.”


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“Perseverance and Hope!”

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· Tele*Coyote 2.15.2021: Micah Nilsson, of Al-kemi, joins Caroline in “Stirring the Cauldron to conjure the Trickster Gods of Accountability!” That she may proffer the Al-Qemi of plant, mushroom allies to support the qualities most necessary for navigating now with aplomb.
· Tele*Coyote 2.08.2021: Hélène Ramos, Bringing in, as she says, “science” with quantum field experiments!!” That we may continue to experiment with desirable Trickster participation in collective well-being. (Impeachment Eve, but pertinent guided journeying always.)
· Mid*Winter Tele*Coyote (2.03.2020) with Micah Nilsson: Candlemas or Imbolc is one of the four cross-quarter holidays (Halloween, Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas), celebrated in antiquity as much as Solstices / Equinoxes. Called the Four Gates of Power, where the Quality / Intelligence of that Season is especially eager to be invited into play. So we are preparing to avail ourselves of the supportive power being proffered to us…
· Imbolc Tele*Coyote (2.04.2019) with Micah Nilsson: New Moon ° True Mid-Winter ° Gate of Power with our great guide true alchemist Micah Nilsson, a living treasure of alchemical plant lore. This New Moon at exact mid-season is available for us to animate: tis when Ishtar, Inanna, Persephone (all the mythic animations of creatively dancing with Nature) lights their candle and begin ascending from the Underworld – and we with her.
(Each recording is 90 minutes and includes a PDF of the Astro*Mytho*Politico themes and Astrological chart for that Council.)
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  1. Woof woof witchy woo!! Great guest!! Blessings to you Caroline!

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