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“By loving the one we were taught to hate- we change the world,” guides Caroline’s guest Dr. Raïna Manuel-Paris, “As Norwegian novelist Arne Garborg put it, “To love someone is to learn the song of their heart and sing it to them when they have forgotten.”

“In service of a handmade and mythical life” -Raïna

Raïna Manuel-Paris, tarot & magic scholar, writer, teacher, and meditation guide, has taught Magic & Ritual, Myth & Symbol for the last 15 years at the Art Institute in Santa Monica. Her love of transformational story telling has guided her to an MFA in Film from Columbia University, & a Ph.D. in Mythological studies from Pacifica, and a love of frame drum. She also lectures and gives seminars at the Philosophical Research Society (founded by Manly P Hall).

Let us all be dedicated to dancing the desirable into being…


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