Intelligence of Empathic Altruism


Alexander Shulgin

Alexander Shulgin

Caroline hosting psychedelic scholar, editor of “Entheogens & the Future of Religion”, mmda researcher at U of Chicago, Robert Forte, that we may honor Sasha Shulgin, as Neptune, Intelligence of Empathic Altruism and entheogenic-mythological literacy stations.


Listen to The Visionary Activist

“Just heard last Thursday’s show on podcast. Homerun! what an explosion of ideas and possibilities. Thanks so much.”
– Robert Baeyen


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    The Shulgin family is planning a memorial service in the SF Bay Area in the coming months.
    Visit to help with the costs

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  2. Wow that was one of the most informative and interesting shows (and I’ve listened to many!)
    Thank you Caroline and Robert! I sat in my car just to finish listening to it.

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