Dynamic Peace & Partnering with What We Love

Chris Jordan

Ann Wright

Caroline welcomes two of her favorite humans, agents of Sane Reverence.
In the first half hour, we welcome the indefatigable, intrepid agent of dynamic Peace (retired Col) Ann Wright, Code Pink ally, just returned from International Peace Conference in South Korea, held in the DMZ border city of Cheorwon. Ann writes, “We climbed a nearby hill to look into North Korea… At the conference, South Korean citizens they want their government to continue dialogue with North Korea and they want the United States to stop threatening war and the intimidation of huge war drills.”

In our 2nd half, we welcome photographer Chris Jordan, just about to release his film on the albatross, their beauty, and their plight, whose life and death (by plastic) struggles on Midway Island he has been chronicling for years… This is all part of Caroline’s unfolding radio series: Let’s partner with what we love, becoming more like it, for reciprocal blessing and protection.

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“Dynamic Peace & Partnering”

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Ann Wright @ Code Pink: http://www.codepink.org/ann_wright

Chris Jordan: www.chrisjordan.com

Albatross the Film: www.albatrossthefilm.com


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