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Caroline with Kealoha Gardener & Gordon Fuller

Caroline welcomes Pragmatic Mystics Gordon Fuller, Kealoha Gardener and Ron Swenson to illuminate the Dark, and dive into our detailed Vision of the Desirable.

Gordon Fuller is a visionary entrepreneurial advisor known for his innovation at the forefront of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, AI vision, social web and Blockchain Platforms. He is pioneering HX (Human eXperience) as an integrative approach to technology research, design and development. Gordon is the creator of Fullervision Inc. and currently serves as Co-Director of Inclusive Cities Lab / HX Enabled AI Initiative (Victor Pineda Foundation Urban innovation Group).

Kealoha Gardener is dedicated to telling stories that motivate, enlighten and encourage. Kealoha is the producer of the “Fullervision” podcast – “sharing with others our journey, and weaving the team along the way.”

Ron Swenson

Ron Swenson

Ron Swenson develops methodologies, technologies, and products that advance sustainability based on solar (renewable) energy and conservation of natural resources. Swenson has been working in the solar business for decades and has been teaching students about solar powered transportation systems for over ten years. He was also one of the UC Davis students of ‘72 who did the first student made and run housing, “the dome homes.” Recently, he submitted to the city of San Jose a Solar Powered Elevated Pod Car proposal.


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