Antidote to Inquisition

Caroline welcomes back Max Dashu, great scholar*activist*authority*guide on women’s woof and Inquisitional suppression, and our un-cringing anti-dotes available.

Max Dashu is the founder of the Women’s Suppressed Histories Archives and is an expert in ancient female iconography in world archaeology; female spheres of power and matricultures; patriarchies and allied systems of domination; medicine women, female shamans, and witches. You can find her recent book, Witches and Pagans, from Veleda Press (

We’re in Fall Fund Drive and Max is offering copies of her coloring book, Deasophy: Coloring Book of Goddesses .:. Spirits .:. Ancestors (Icons from the Suppressed Histories Archives, with drawings and commentary by Max Dashu).

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“Antidote to Inquisition”

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