Positive Intrigue: Liberating the Zodiac ~ Within & Without

Reporting in from Goa, India where I am Convening an embodied form of Trickster Training Council, honoring this New Moon in Capricorn, just behind us, guiding us to the Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of Positive Intrigue on January 31st… 
Yo Team,
Reporting in from Goa, India,
where I am Convening
an embodied form of
Trickster Training Council,
honoring this New Moon
in Capricorn, just behind us,
guiding us to the Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of Positive Intrigue on January 31st…
We convene Liberating the Zodiac 
on January 30th at 8 pm est
(the Eve of Positive Intrigue)

Thank you, guiding astro-mythic patterns

– so much wiser than our rogue species.

The Zodiac is an ancient Mystery School
guiding us to customized self-cultivation,
and collective participation that we may be
ever more effective players on the team of Creation!


Let’s hurl Bodhisattva Coyote lightning
at the closed loop of any teaching to
liberate it into spiral…
customized for pragmatic application.
Let us be Pragmatic Mystics!
Pragmatic Mysticism, Applied Divination
and Democratic Animism
The structures of alleged leadership are imploding
into smoldering ruins – but taking so much life
down with it… And in myriad forms Councils of
Sane Reverence are convening globally,
of which Liberating the Zodiac – within and without
be one….
Great picture, by Jean Fogelberg, of me,
right before the New Moon in Goa, India,
pouring the ashes of our Trickster Training Renaissance
Council’s demons into the beautiful Arabian Sea…
(We had written down impediments
we were willing to release, for self and world,
such as “addiction to having an enemy.” Earth.
Then we burned the scraps of paper. Fire.
Then we laughed at them. Air.
Then tossing ashes into Water.)

The New Moon in Capricorn behind us invites us to excavate the earliest impulse of Capricornian symbolism:​​​​​​

“Council of Mavens, conjuring leadership
dedicated to collective well being..” For instance…
and the shadow of Capricorn would be
lonely curmudgeon…
The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
is Sun in Aquarius – Moon in Leo…
A Lunar Eclipse is a precise Full Moon,
where the Sun projects the Earth’s Shadow
onto the Moon. We see shadow.
And it provides us the metaphor,
awaiting our animation…
“What would we like to be eclipsed by what?”
(Fill in the blanks.)
Venus is in the Underworld
(so close to the Sun that we don’t see him/her
~ Quetzelcoatl in Meso-American cosmology,
Inanna in the West),
doing an initiatory costume change…
The uninitiated leader and/or Puella
parts of ourselves are now doing a costume change:
“What must we die to, lest we die from?”
The Eleusynnian Mysteries honored the descent
of Persephone, as a maiden, to return as
an Initiated Woman. And so it is with us, regardless
of temporary age, race, and gender assignment.
Venus emerges from the Underworld, and we with her,
as the Evening Star of Peace, in Pisces,
the sign of her Exaltation, circa February 20th
(customized according to our latitude).
So, in a playful way, what is the virtue
and the shadow of these Zodiacal signs,
where all of our demons yearn to be liberated
into our virtues?
Aquarius: the outsider who constellates community
v. fearful addiction to the tyranny of external image
Leo: the Wise charismatic (“charitable heart”)
Queen/King of Ritual Theatre
(“Create Theatre -or live melodrama.”)
v. King/Queen practicing tyrannical tantrum yoga
Venus emerging in Pisces: Compassionate Poetic
dedication to the whole collective dream
(As ancient mentor Isabel Hickey referenced Pisces
in a very yankee way: “Serve or Suffer.”)
v. Pisces shadow “the shark is also a fish.
What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.”
So, tis a wild ride on which we are all embarking…
What qualities do we most want to cultivate
to best navigate these historic times?
And ‘twould be grand for us all to cahoot together…
forming a supportive Trickster Council to encourage
each of us cultivating our Unique Medicine Magic.
“Redemption lies in brewing Medicine for others!”

Liberating the Zodiac ~ Within & Without

12-week Live Video Council 
begins Tuesday, January 30, 2018
1 payment of $497 // 3 payments of $179

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