(12.31.18 Newsletter) New Year’s Eve Trickster Woof & mini-guiding auguries



Yo Everyone!


ah – tis grand to be incarnationally coinciding

with the liberating trickster likes of all of us,

May the vitality of our deep dedications,

made in the spiraling Dark within us all,

quicken – and set forth January 6th, Twelfth Night,

Epiphany! (the Magi – astrologers arrive)

the Night of Befana – the Christmas Witch…

who this year proffers to us all

the gift of serendipitous synchronicity,

that Genius is willing to do our booking.


Trickster will do the “how” if we provide the “what.”


No need to impose decisions on the fluctuating Mystery,

but rather to make intentions, like our canoe paddle

swooshing in the water…


Below is what I am sending to my Monday Night

Trickster Council, that we all be telepathically cahooting,

in reciprocal blessing.


and all are welcome to explore and join,

when we resume our Tele*Coyote Trickster Council calls

on January 7th, after the New Moon, solar eclipse

Uranus station direct…


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Ah Telepathic Trickster Team!

at Tide-Turning…


(no call tonight,

we all be off honoring

in our customized affinity…
and yet … we all be co-divining and aligning

with the metaphors being so generously

proffered to us…)


Atmospheric Magic:

Let’s co-Animate the vision of all of us as

Coyote ladling out liberating blessing spirals –

and sallying them forth into a welcoming world…


Uranus, Nature’s evolutionary Intelligence,

is stationing, setting in the West,

the only planet above the horizon,

as an augury for the year,

from the Washington DC symbolic realm.


In the 7th house, that all our relationships

be with liberating accomplices…

That our manner of relating be a liberating

offering (v. imprisoning imposition.)

May Liberating Mystery be freed

from the bonds of constraining certainty!


Bonobos at Lola Ya Bonobo


May the spirit of the Bonobo’s suffuse and inform

the Congo’s election – now – that it be

miraculously peaceful…

Let us ladle out of this New Year cauldron
“miraculously peaceful”
and spiral forth into the world…


Violet Laccaria Mushrooms

Mars, visible, setting in the West,

for hours before Midnight,

enters own sign of Aries at 9:20 pm,

providing “pupowhee!”

(Native American word –

the power of emerging mushrooms,

a good fuel on which to run.)


Let the gentle power of “pupowhee”

replace the hot boom of combustion,

liberating Mars from the unimaginative

heavy habit of war – to be Chironic…


Centaur Chiron Accompanied by a Satyr Vase c.325bce

Mars, at the beginning of the Zodiac,

animates Chiron, at the end of the zodiac.

Let us all be agents of fresh expression

of ancient guiding wisdom.


Chiron is the Mentor Centaur, who, 2500 years ago,

began a school for future cultural heroes.

Their first lesson-task, was to turn bows and arrows

into stringed musical instruments… the transformation

of war through art – into art…


Mars – within and without – provides

fresh dynamic expression to the whole Chiron Myth,

and his founding of the Aesclepions, cultural centers

of intentional dreaming, healing, and theater…


Healing Center at Aesclepion, Pergamum (photo: J. Fong)


The Aesclepion doors are wide open to all tonight…


Moon in Scorpio exactly trines

Neptune at 10:11 pm est…


Receptive Reverie available, let’s relax

into the welcoming availability of wonder…


here be inspirational guide to reverie:

‘Hooman playing piano with his kitty’

kitty and piano video

Modernity’s “fending off wonder” –

into the cauldron…


speaking of Cauldrons:

Pluto is now where Saturn will be stationing

in the Spring of 2019…

= The mission to which we dedicate now,
will grow its supportive organizing Intelligence…


Venus & Moon photo: Rick Stankiewicz (March 1 2011)


Those who rise, (or stay up) before dawn

New Year’s Day – will see a glorious rising

in the South-West, of the Moon and Venus,

in the sizzly Scorpionic realms of

“dangerous -in a good way!”


The Sun and Saturn are aligned (sextile)

betwixt this Moon and Venus on one side,

and Neptune on the other…

= The deeper our dedications – the more likely

they are to incarnate…


We may say what we have before us “is hard.”

Saturn whispers back the quip: “harder not to…”


This night, the ancestors who embodied

soulful kinship, are standing by –


This New Years’ threshold

makes John Muir’s words available

for incarnational actuality:


“More and more, in a place like this,

we feel ourselves part of wild Nature,

kin to everything.”




“When we try to pick out anything by itself,

we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.

One fancies a heart like our own must be beating

in every crystal and cell, and we feel like stopping

to speak to the plants and animals as friendly

fellow mountaineers.”


Our (Sun-Saturn in Capricorn)

sturdy Mountain Goat Trickster selves

are shape-shifting from being Coyote,

now eager for the climb…



See you by the cauldron,

then gambolling up the slopes…



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