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What qualities do we most want to cultivate to navigate,
with jaunty aplomb, the wild ride unfurling before us…
Coyote Genius – be one
01.04.18 · 2pm pst / 5pm est
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Caroline welcomes Dan Flores, author of “Coyote America, a Natural and Supernatural History”
That we may glean knowledge which leads to respectful honoring, and partnering with of our ingenious wiley playful Trickster Intelligence ally… which likes “against all odds.”
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Aha! So, yes, Venus is in the Underworld with Saturn and Pluto, gathering what we need for  a Renaissance of Reverent Indigenuity – Humans humbly co-operating with Nature’s Guiding Genius… to supplant the #war on life,
we have #miracles are trending…
The Moon forms a Grand Trine in Fire with Trickster Uranian Ingenuity, trine to Venus at the “Crown and torch of the Statue of Liberty – necessity to defend democracy from tyranny” degree…
Trickster as
keeper of Democracy
will be a theme for Caroline’s (free) 
on Saturday, January 6th
at 1 pm est / 11 am pst
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a presentation animation ritual on 12th Night, when the goddess, a witch named la Befana (which comes from the word Epifania) brings us presents…
So many presents, of whatever we need being so generously proffered to us by the sky-earth story of now… Great danger.
Kairos moment where everything we do, think, feel, weighs the balance of the Kaironic fulcrum towards Act V –
Renaissance of Reverent Cooperative Ingenuity
(or Act IV – tragedy, the continuation of the war on life)…
(and in the Q and A portion of our cahoot, bear in mind that we are recording,
so if you query, you will be recorded… and you can also discreetly type
queries and blessings into the chat realm…)
Some things are always true,
but there are times when they are truer:
“The protoplasm of reality is
especially receptive to imaginative imprint.” Now!
Join Caroline on her free, rousing call,
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setting the Astro*Mytho stage as we journey forth into 2018 ~
Epiphany Tele*Council 
Saturday, January 6th at 1pm est
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