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Yo Team, am just returned from a vast, rich journey to Goa and Hampi, India, convening an adorable Trickster Council;
Sunset on reservoir outside Hampi (Photo: Caroline Casey) 

Yo Team,

am just returned from a vast, rich journey to Goa and Hampi, India,
convening an adorable Trickster Council;
more than 24 hours of airplane travel preceded by
an overnight alleged “sleeper” bus, 9 hours,
during which an amazing array of toxic fumes,
like a diabolic parfait entered through rattling windows.
India, an ancient land that has given rise to more religions
than any other, more metaphors for the divine, is beautiful,
semi-skilled in chaos, blase’ to the proximity of death and
mayhem, and is also poisonous, for most of the non tourist populace.
The lovely rice paddies, and most of the food, are mostly gmo.
A farmer pouring stuff from a Dow Chemical can onto the fields,
said, “It’s medicine for the field, they told me.”
From Mohenjo Daro and Harappa –
two of the earliest known cities
in the world, that had running
water, irrigation, many mod cons
and no poison – to this…
Is there nowhere now, where
human delinquent devolution,
has not poisoned or boomed…
Beauty and heartless squalor –
neck and neck.
We’re betting on Beauty.
And pragmatic mysticism,
applied divination and
democratic animism…
Hanuman in Hampi, India (Photo: Caroline Casey)

Time for

(12 weeks of councils)
which sets forth tonight,  
Tuesday, January 30th at 5pm pst/8 pm est
on Super Blue Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of Postive Intrigue Eve.
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“Take the zircon to Foppa – and tell him we move tonight!”
-Richard Farina
May all impedimental befoiblements betwixt ourselves
and our own creative contribution to the Community
– be eclipsed!
That we may all be liberating cultural high jinx artists…
‘Tis one hour after our convening that Trumpelstiltskin
will be delivering his “State of the Union” address.
Trickster Reynard
Take your pick:
uninitiated Mars eclipse lunacy
or participatory astrological magic 
(without presumption, hubris, or 
even causality, let’s see what we can do, 
allied with Nature’s evolutionary Genius,
aka Uranus, aka Trickster)
May all those not dedicated to
collective well-being be swept from office
to a richly deserved oblivion, where they
can no longer harm themselves
by harming others…
a living circle-spiral guide to self-cultivation
and participation in the world…
that we may animate, cultivate, express, hone, and contribute
our considerable unique gifts to the emergent, sine qua non,
Renaissance of Sane Reverence….

We begin with Aries, tomorrow evening

  – Animating the World with Woof!
“Half the failures of this world arise
from pulling in one’s horse 
as he is leaping.”
-Augustus W. Hare
So let’s give our wise animal body
it’s head.
Let go of control – so actual power can come on in…
Abe Lincoln: “I care not for any man’s religion,
whose dog and cat are not the better for it.”
We re-visit the fork in the world’s path, 4000 years ago,
when the Greeks moved from animal imagery of the Divine
to human…
And maybe we had to go an individuating journey of Humans – ra! ra! ra! Humanism – humans as the measure of all things…
But now ’tis time to re-trace our steps.
Return to democratic animism… so crucial now…
this art form of wheel and deal Trickster partnering
with what we love, to protect what we love.

Uranus in Aries now, time to throw all teachings

into eclipse cauldron, with the criterion:
Does it guide us to our own autonomy,
and honoring the autonomy of all beings?
Is it equal Mars and Venus?
(They be in quintile accord now.)
Equal Male and Female?
Humans and all our relations – equal.
Is Trickster welcome?
Can the truth be said without cringing?
We ladle it out.
We toss it back in for another round of bubbling.
And to bring all worthy ancient guidance
into modern pertinent vernacular.
Fabrizio Padovani, 1601
To animate the entire Zodiac within us all
(regardless of customized Sun and planets)
…so that we have all resources available to us,
a pallet from which to paint reality, tonics, and
potions with which to be “skookum.” 
(“connected to the spirits and completely
competent for the work at hand.”)
We initiate, consolidate, extend
(cardinal, fixed and mutable signs,
each a responsive corrective to the one preceding.)
We begin with Aries, Desirous Quest…”what do we desire?”
The answer to which is the sine qua non navigational rudder.
And let not the answer be abstract (“happiness, enlightenment, peace?” – too abstract…)
Spiral forth
Let’s spark desire
with flint against stone…
Aries – unique desire,
(and Lavoisier’s
evolutionary theory of desire
as the main impetus for evolution)
and circle round
to Pisces ~ Imaginative yearning for collective well-being…
and circle round again…
All on its most liberating levels,
and honoring the humorous shadow on the way…
And we do all want to begin something,
together and individually,
that we bring to completion in 12 weeks
(“completion-ish…” says Libra)
Aries: Woof! Desire transmutes itself
through adventure and learning,
from reactive taking offense
to heroic advocacy…
Taurus: Yum! “Here, eat these
mushrooms and settle back into
the pleasurable embrace of Nature.”
The pragmatic mysticism of democratic animism…
From Desire to Vision – and round again….
Lorenzo in The Book of Madness and Cures,
“Only the animals understand us, Signora.
I don’t think San Francesco preached to them.
I think he listened.”
woof woof wanna play?! 
Liberating the Zodiac with Caroline W. Casey
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