Let’s talk about death – it’ll be fun!

Caroline re-hosts Susan Shannon, at this exact mid-Winter, when Persephone lights her candle and begins ascending from the Underworld, and we with her, true Brigid’s Day; one of the 4 cross-quarter holy days, as Mercury, the psycho-pomp Hermes, stations to go forward- outward - tonight… and Pluto arrives at 27 degrees Capricorn- the beginning of … [Read more...]

Restorative Justice and Healing

We are all Returning Citizens, Caroline welcomes Susan Shannon, prison ministry, Restorative Justice, most recently, Buddhist Chaplain to the men in San Quentin State Prison and Death Row. And we welcome, one of her former mentorees, Fateen Lateef Jackson, whose wedding to Monique, she presided over, after Fateen’s release from San … [Read more...]

Underworld Ministry

Caroline is delighted to welcome the return of Susan Shannon, as we honor the radiant resilience of the "former lifer" community, those “Returning Citizens” who have completed their sentence, and are now part of the team of Mentors, having much earned medicine to contribute - to us all… Inner work allows for synchronicity. Power of changing the … [Read more...]

Finding Freedom Under Limitation

Visionary Activist Show Equinox! Finding Freedom Under Limitation Caroline once again hosts, Susan Shannon, that we be finding freedom by cooperating with limitations, at this Big Spooky Opportune Time. Look! fish in Venice canals! Susan Shannon, M. Div.is a Buddhist Prison Ministry Chaplain, pragmatic mystic, poet, dharma, lover, mentor, … [Read more...]

Replay: Underworld Medicine

Worthy re-play from July 18th. As listener encouraged: So much acquired and intuitive wisdom packed in. Twice not enough. Caroline hosts Buddhist Prison Ministry Chaplain, Susan Shannon, that we honor the liberating medicine proffered to us all, from those under greatest adversity. Susan Shannon, M. Div. is a seeker, student, mystic, poet, … [Read more...]