History and Healing

Bunny Planet - History edition - for here’s the history that should have been: Caroline welcomes Pat Ewing, early Christianity scholar, political consultant, micro and macro Mentor, that we may weave many stories into one, about Community…from the Origins of Valentine’s Day - almost Pope Valentinius…Beginning of American judiciary, based on … [Read more...]

Citizen Trickster as Keeper of Democracy

Citizen Trickster as Keeper of Democracy: Caroline welcomes the return of long-time political*spiritual strategist ally, Patricia Ewing, as the Sun enters Aquarius, and we are all called to cultivate the qualities of being a good Planetary Citizen… that we may gather our wits, settle our souls, in order to align with the Phoenix’s song that … [Read more...]

Skookum Radio

Skookum Radio (calmly gathering our wits, that we be connected to the spirits, and completely competent for the work at hand.) Caroline welcomes political strategist for good, Patricia Ewing, reporting in from the Field (Pennsylvania) that we may gather our wits, settle our souls, in order to align with the Phoenix’s song that re-minds us all … [Read more...]

Lammas (Bonfires or Arson)

Caroline and friend of show, political spiritual strategist, Pat Ewing interview each other, re: vetting standards for delusional conspiracy theories (tracking #QAnon). Jupiter and Neptune, story and metaphor, be available to bamboozling dementors as well as sane reverent people. Let us hone our Language-Story craft, that our language, metaphor, … [Read more...]

Let Magic Rise

  If fascism arises in the absence of magic - then - Let Magic Rise! Caroline welcomes political-spiritual-cultural strategist Pat Ewing, that we may be un-snookerable, agents of spiraling out of polarity (because the dementors feed on opposition, rage, conflict…) And If all war is a failure of imagination - then - all dynamic peace is … [Read more...]