True Halloween Radio

True Halloween Radio - taking on the dingbat dementors of doom: GMO's-Booo Caroline welcomes, encore, John Roulac. "Boo with 522 defeat but we educated millions of people on this issue. Next steps on GMO labeling GMO Foods 2.0 SynBio which is based in the Bay Area. Growing hemp in America." Yea! Coconut oil and … [Read more...]

Welcoming the return of John Roulac,

to guide us further into sneaky viruses of GMO's and the literal and cultural antidotes. (Listen to last week's show with John Roulac here)     Visionary Activist Show 2-21-2013 … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day – Satchmo & Groucho (cannabis enthusiasts) Radio: Restoring-Increasing our cahooting intimacy with hemp and cannabis

Caroline welcomes for the first smidge, John Roulac, to speak to us of hemp, Valentine's Day and GMO's to beware. Followed by Martin Lee, author of completely great:"Smoke Signals, A Social History of Marijuana," that we all be restoring sane, creative, collaborative reverence with every breath (puff.) Visionary Activist Show … [Read more...]

We welcome, John Roulac, Capt. Hemp

This Full Moon in Taurus is an invitation to animate the guiding earth wisdom story, of sane reverent common sense, to cooperate with all the plant and animal people, to restore dynamic balance to the crazy, rude imbalance our species has imposed on the earth. Aptly, we welcome, John Roulac, Capt. Hemp, to guide us in this realm of hemp, chia, … [Read more...]