Waxing Full Moon of Critique and Dream

  Waxing Full Moon of Critique and Dream… Let’s "Make America’s Rivers Blue Again" We welcome the return of indefatigable devotee of informing the Citizenry, founder of Nutiva, advocate for Regenerative Agriculture, an executive producer of great film "Kiss the Ground” (Netflix), and has founded six nonprofit organizations, including his … [Read more...]

Full Moon! Cooling Out The Conflagration

“Let the Beauty we love be the Beauty we do – there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the Earth” (Rumi) Caroline hosts John Roulac, long-time ally, part of the team of exec producer’s of mega-worthy film “Kiss the Ground,” our main focus be on Regenerative Agriculture, while laying down some standards of discernment, that we not be … [Read more...]

Caroline Hosts John Roulac on Food

(if you eat, or you know someone who does) Dark Act (denying americans the right to know) (GMO labeling), averting death of Oceans, sardines crashing; to be an effective player, gotta know the plight… www.nutiva.com John Roulac on Food Listen to The Visionary Activist Show live on KPFA at 2pm PT Thursdays, and recording will also be … [Read more...]

Caroline welcomes John Roulac

to magnetize and animate the collaboration of all things carbon, soil and oceans… Powerful conference in less than 30 days: Join him! 2015 Soil Not Oil International Conference, September 4 & 5, Richmond, California. His latest Starbucks campaign: http://ecowatch.com/author/john-roulac/ http://thesoilstory.com Visionary Activist … [Read more...]

Sea-Soil-Solutions – Healing the seas by healing the soil

Caroline hosts John Roulac, Green Man, biz wizard, ceo www.nutiva.com offering his guiding pragmatic lucidity: Regenerative Ag can save our planet! John's latest post on EcoWatch. "And this just in the news reporting that BACK 252M years ago an event helped wipe out many species from too much acid in the ocean ! Let’s hack reality and avoid … [Read more...]