Supporting Lake Merritt & Underwater Kin

  May our rogue species re-enter the choreography of creation, rather than disrupting Nature’s diverse equilibrium…   Caroline, segues from last week, again hosting Citizen naturalist Damon Tighe, on the unfolding die-off at Lake Merritt, Oakland, and the SF Bay… let's keep this crisis on the altar of urgent … [Read more...]

Responding to Environmental Calamity, Micro to Macro

  Sorrow at the suffering from suffocation, at Lake Merritt, and throughout the SF Bay: Caroline re-hosts Damon Tighe (via Mitch Jesserich) on the catastrophic die-off of most life in Lake Merritt, diagnosis. Tis 80 miles of death, yet what can we do, even in micro way to save some life: a Citizen call to aerate the Lake, and heed the call … [Read more...]