Speak to the Weary with Ben Boyce

“Speak to the Weary a Word that will Rouse Them,” (Isaiah). Transforming anger and dread into Desire; Caroline welcomes Ben Boyce, that we may gather our wits, Art of Peace strategy, jaunty Trickster pluck, while navigating the Underworld Ghost River.  Ben Boyce is a community organizer and public policy advocate, co-author of the Praxis writer’s … [Read more...]

Composting Political Discouragement into nutrient for Woof!

Caroline hosts Ben Boyce, that we may animate the Political Mythic guiding strategy for now, honor the opportunities woofing to us, underneath disappointment, discouragement, and the general chi-sucking, of what passes for public political discourse... Conjuring political syncretism: Visioning exercise for cultural progressives to be pragmatic … [Read more...]