Electing the Earth

Returning to balance: guidance on effective strategy for cultural Renaissance, that we may assume meta-guiding story narrative cultural lead

The first act of magic is critique-diagnosis.
Macro and micro; we shall take a brief essential tour through the history and nature of colonialism, and its fuel of hyper-yang death frenzy.

The woof of now delineates the idealism of democratic impulses is so often high-jacked into the violence of illusory polarizing narratives. Comprehension allows us to withdraw our complicity from myriad exoteric and esoteric forms of sneaky tyranny, and exhale that chi into the desirable.

Our team been be-spelled by running on the fuel of relentless chi-sucking negativity;
both the result and the cause of being hood-winked, bamboozled by the Reality Police into inadvertent colonized mind subservience aka Metaphysical Magic Deficiency Muggledom Syndrome (MMDMS) This syndromes render its colonized subjects not only ineffective but boring-no-fun.

Until now.

Aha! We activate The magic mirror…Secular critic holds up mirror, “look – it sucks- in detail,” (many of our team get stuck on this note. But this is just necessary diagnostics part one.) Trickster within each of us with
wave of hand, tuens the mirror into a window, “but look how beautiful it could be!” ; and with another wave of the hand turns the window into a door – “let’s go!” (why I’ve been so ardent to our team, critique to be followed by blessing…And the co-operators who are standing by, are eager to help us out. on October 5th Saturn enters Scorpio (the realm of collaborative power) trining Neptune the Intelligence of Imaginative vision, in its home realm of Pisces, 1st time in 165 years, an all access back-stage pass to all powerful symbolic memes. Never fear for help is on the way.

We experiment with how to avail ourselves of the opportunity of our gathering, strategies of subtle magic whereby to be ever more effective players on Team Earth.
(’cause as they say in the South: “We ain’t play-actinn’ now children.”

Caroline’s Autumnal Equinox Address is a benefit to support A Women’s Congress for Future Generations, which in turn aims to benefit all our relations deep in time to come. Reclaiming the authority for Women to speak as first environment for Future Generations is the work of the upcoming inaugural Women’s Congress for Future Generations in Moab, Utah (September 26-30).


  1. So happy to hear/see/synthesize latest cosmic weather report; ashe! a once in 165 yr. event horizon. All powerful symbolic memes in collaborative power realms of intelligent imaginative Vision. Saturn in Scorpio Neptune in Pisces collective dreamtime of subtle magic Team Earth transformation.

    Mouthfuls of spiritual food. care taking, compassion and feasting. Scene stealing in the theatre of War on the stage of the world in a seussical hat. meow…woof…

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