Coyote Network News True Halloween Election Coverage

Yo Fellow Agents of the Trickster Redeemer within us all, Now is the time for the dedicated play of Reciprocal Blessing, (and reminding each other to breathe fully into the top of our lungs. Wheweeee…)

Tonight, Monday November 5th

Trickster Training Council hour-ish long tele*coyote (call and web)

at 6 pm PT, 9 pm ET.

Because this is potent pre-election eve, we are opening the tele*coyote up for 100 lucky additional people to join with our subscribed Trickster Allies for this night – for a magical offering of $13.


The Earth-Sky-living mythos of now proffers guidance that we may maintain Tranquility of Purpose, when in the midst of swirling, collapsing rubble of empire, literally and metaphorically.

November 6th – Election Day is True Halloween this year,at 7:14 pm est
providing the choreography whereby to dance while navigating the great wild storm of now.

Halloween or Samhein, rounded off to October 31st, is actually when the Sun arrives at exact mid-season; one of the four cross-quarter holy days – the four gates whereby power is especially eager to be invited into play, to animate the proffered template of the desirable story.

Let’s conjure the Desirable Story.

Dreeing our Weird at a time of Wild Dire Beauty:

Heeding the Call being sent forth by all of life for us to rejoin the community of creation, summoning all those willing to collaborate with the Earth with dedicated visualizing, to set the field, steady hand on tiller, surfing this rising tide like Coyote in her Green Tara mode (photo below), that we may “dree our weird” (“play our role in Destiny”) at this time of Dire Beauty. Dedication magnetizes opportunity, that we may be danced into place to do the most good while having the most serious fun.

We are re-story-ing the world.

Focusing our vision, dedicating to being agents of earth wisdom, aligns us with the Grand trine in Water between Neptune, Saturn and Ceres-Demeter (dwarf planet, aka goddess of the earth.) The Divine wants to be liberated from all past confines of human imagination. Now is the Kairos moment of time, the inter-mingling of the actual with the desirable, for a new ancient guiding mythos.

We are appalled but not surprised by the voting turmoil already underway, especially in Florida and Ohio, where people have been waiting 5 hours-ish to vote (while their cars were towed from the parking lot) which opened and closed and opened at one polling station.

Voting is already a suspect ordeal for many.

“Provisional” ballots in Ohio may not counted for ten days.
So much funkiness – to bind.

We honor the “Mutual Reception” of Saturn and Pluto – the literalised Underworld of the NYC subway system flooded by Neptune… the waters of Life, polluted, mixed with oil and raw sewage.

Gov Cuomo (and everyone) inadvertently speaking astrology: “Rebuild Infrastructure with Ingenuity.”
(Pluto square Uranus)

One derivation of the name “Sandy” is “Cassandra.” “Believe me now?”

Stella Coyote and I set forth for more Inauguration auguries (bird patterns), walking to the Potomac River to give her our regards, encountered 30 vultures, whose feasting on death we interrupted…”Big fans of your work, Vultures.”

“Please join with owls to be our election supervisors, seeing in the dark and feasting on corruption.”
“Owl – seeing in Dark” is the Sabian for Election Eve’s stationing Mercury (god of counting votes.)

“Let anything up to no good be revealed, rendered harmless, and an occasion for mirth.”


“May all those abusing power, be moved to a place they can no longer harm themselves by harming others.”

“Let lie-ability become a liability.”

Not only are we preventing dementors of doom, bless their hearts, from stealing democracy, our task is to make common cause with all sane reverent beings.

We are all electing a story…Assuming cultural narrative lead;

Sucking the chi out of any up to no good chicanery, and exhaling into the desirable.

In the spirit of Visionary Activism: Let’s engage Demeter to handle Dementors…..

Let’s insource what we’ve been out-sourcing. Ho’oponopono – healing the world from within

Obama’s mythic self is once again invoking High John (one of Coyote Network news’ Southern Mythological Bureau Chief) :

“Find a way out of No Way — and hit a straight lick with a crooked stick.”


We will animate, delve, tease forth the implications, and perform magic mojo tonight Monday November 5th (and in perpetuity) on our Monday Night Trickster Training Council hour-ish long tele*coyote (call and web) convening at 6 pm PT, 9 pm ET. Because this is potent pre-election eve, we are opening the tele*coyote up for 100 lucky additional people to join with our subscribed Trickster Allies for this night – for a magical offering of $13.

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It is an especially potent time to book an astrological appointment, as Co-operators are standing by! – emphatically!!! Ancestors and spirits lined up, eager to cahoot.

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If you are magnetized to convene with Coyote Network News in any of the above forms of collaborative cahooting – splendiferous!
and if not – also splendiferous. Where ere we be, we are all in this living pulsing collective dream together, sharing in all resonant good, spiraling out into the memosphere an ever expanding repertoire of wise, kinned responses, made available to Group Mind.

For those up late in any time zone, November 6th into 7th, I will be presenting Coyote Network News Election coverage from midnight to 1 a.m. on Los Angeles radio KPFK, hosted by long-time ally Roy of Hollywood. (Recording here!)

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