(6.04.19 Newsletter) New Moon Mythic News – Mythic Bargains!

  Etruscan Dancing, painting from the Grotta del Triclinio, Corneto  Yo fellow incarnationally coinciding allies, All in this dream Dancing ourselves back into the Choreography of Creation May it be so We want everyone magnetized … [Read more...]

(3.26.2019 Newsletter) Mythic News, Mythic Bargains-Opportunities, Mythic Adventures… 

  Harmonia macrocosmica Andreas Cellarius 1660 We are all in this Dream together. Let’s honor the guiding meta-story that resonates within us all… Just as we have endogenous receptors for … [Read more...]

(2.23.19 Newsletter) Free Sunday Webinar on Astro*Mytho Now into May Full Moon in Turkey & Mythic News of Now

“Horoscope of Prince Iskander" Zodiac c 1384 Yo Team, Gonna take Magic: Trickster’s astro*mytho*politico guiding narrative (be an on-going self-cultivating meme I am spiraling into memosphere) It’s wheel and deal time with all beings. Bartering back-stage for onstage miracles. Let all that we love be our accomplices in a … [Read more...]

(2.1.19 Newsletter) Candlemas New Moon dancing the desirable world into being (Turkey in May!)

La Lomita * Brigid Day * True Candlemas * New Moon Monday * Chinese New Year * State of the Union Well Wishing to us all La Lomita is the tiny chapel, a beacon of peaceful tranquility, built in 1899 on the Rio Grande border of Mexico, next to the butterfly sanctuary — both under Trumpian threat by the delusional wall… But they are … [Read more...]

(12.31.18 Newsletter) New Year’s Eve Trickster Woof & mini-guiding auguries

  Yo Everyone!   ah - tis grand to be incarnationally coinciding with the liberating trickster likes of all of us, May the vitality of our deep dedications, made in the spiraling Dark within us all, quicken - and set forth January 6th, Twelfth Night, Epiphany! (the Magi - astrologers arrive) the Night of Befana … [Read more...]