(4.06.2020 Newsletter) Equinoctial Waxing Full Moon Tele*Coyote

Robin Hood and Merry Band on Magic Carpet!    be the image for this Equinoctial Waxing Full Moon,  at 18+Libra-1+Aries,  whose incarnational agents, Venus and Mars,  are in Grand Trine accord.   A descriptive disaster,  if we don’t gather to consider the liberating guiding… (gathering … [Read more...]

(03.02.2020 Newsletter) Mini-Mythic News · Tele*Coyote 3.2.20 · Quintile Special

Yo team, just sending to you all our Trickster Training Council mini-mythic news, guiding cahoot for tonight. For bemusement/amusement/encouragement all on its own... and with the opportunity until 3pm pst (6pm est) to join us tonight for a month for $72 (a quintile) Because the more the merrier the magic… Boundless Liberating … [Read more...]

(02.24.2020 Newsletter)

Yo Team o sane, reverent beings! at this dangerous delusional beautiful time… where we so want to practice spiraling out of all ensnaring polarity, cultivating liberating responses to supplant imprisoning reactions… practicing Sufi Aikido Language Craft... (And to all those who made/make tangible contributions to my well-being, while … [Read more...]

(2.03.2020 Newsletter) Liberating Mid-Winter w/ Micah & Caroline ~ Trickster Council Open House Tonight (& Recorded)

Mid-Winter Trickster Council Open House tonight Let's gather (via phone or web) to metabolize dread, anxiety, conniption fits into nutrient for Dreaming the Desirable World at Mid-Winter ’Tis when Persephone lights her candle & begins her ascent, and we with her! But she/we are … [Read more...]

(12.24.19 Ndewsletter) Tidings of Fore-boding and Joy! Christmas Eclipse dedication time

Yo Allies, for many of whom I am crafting customized gratitude… especially to all who have supported me in brewing Underworld Medicine… truly could not have journeyed this far, this well without you… Woofy Well Wishing be welcome, for re-combobulating, brewing Trickster Medicine in the … [Read more...]