Astro Conference Cahoot (Free!)

Yo allies,

tis a dangerous time, so let’s avail ourselves of all of our skills…

and astrology is one of the great guiding meta-languages that loves to make all of us available to all of us; that our rogue species may re-join the Choreography of Creation…

to be a participant (rather than a blight)….

in the nick o time….


Participatory Astrology


not – the useless passively plaintive query, “what’s gonna happen?”

more – “what’s available with which to cooperate?!”

We avert “dis-aster”- “against the stars” 

by gathering to “consider” – “with the stars.”


Primary queries at Delphic Oracle were: “Are our plans in accord with the (astro) gods, and if not, what should we do to come into accord?!”




The fate of the world requires us all to insource our Saturn, our autonomy, capacity to define and dedicate to wise leadership, dedicated to collective well-being; (from whence we have out-sourced to incompetent tyrannical ding-bats )


Autonomy is a sacrament!



note: Visionary Activist Show Thursday 5.26 2 pm pt 


and archived afterwards at

Caroline hosts long-time ally of all life, Tony Hiss, whose latest book, “Rescuing the Planet, protecting half the land to heal the earth,” with forward by E.O. Wilson

re: the necessary miracle of half of earth’s wild habitat, protected, 

humans living in harmony with our Flora Fauna kin…


which leads us into the notes I made for my presentation…

included with the free conferring with many worthy astro-colleagues…

*Trickster Medicine-participatory astro animism

Everyone a dance partner…

even demons…

*Animism – not a belief – just good manners

in the nick of time…

Uranus in Taurus: Life requires that our rogue species humbly cooperate with Natures Guiding Genius:

The pragmatic mysticism of biomimicry, Uranus in Taurus,

Half Earth

If all war is a failure of imagination –

then all peace is a triumph of Imagination

(Neptune sextile Pluto etc.)

Let’s actively partner with Jupiter and Neptune – the call and response betwixt Curiosity and Wonder

to re-assume responsibility for dreaming a world of ingenious altruism into being…

Spirals are Nature’s way of resolving conflict…

Let’s re-frame our language story and metaphor from that of polarity (only feeds the dementors “We strengthen whatever we resist,”says Ursula K LeGuin) to – dance Partner

*on-going lessons of on-going pandemic- which will be over (viral storms) when the conditions that gave rise to it are resolved. And the conditions that gave rise to pandemic are – humans despoiling the earth.

Let’s declare “Inquisition over!…

(still terrible cruelty in world, but safety lies in everyone coming out, as dedicated pragmatic mystics, liberating Trickster agents of Democratic animism…)

Ladling Beauty out of the Cauldron of Conflagration

that every micro & macro tyrannical ack, serve as incentive to experiment to create greater Beauty.

“Crafting the Future by gazing at the Caravan of our Past Mentors”

the guiding astro*mythology of now

Astrology is an exquisite language of our interior psyche, separated by a thin membrane we call identity, from the whole pulsing biological and cultural conversation…. So everything in the world pours into our psyches in customized fashion…

Vessel Spiral Predynastic Egyptian terracotta c.4500-3100 BCE (photo: James Blake Wiener)

Woooo- Co-operators are standing by!

Summer Solstice chart, (*see at bottom) at the very moment of the Solstice, on East Coast

we see the heliacal rise of 5 visible planets….

(rising before dawn)

Saturn over-head

then Moon-Jupiter

Mars in Aries home realm – Woof woof on behalf of protecting life

Venus in Taurus home realm

and even Mercury, in the glow of the rising sun

visually awe-inspiring (always good), mythologically invitation-ally supportive…

(also always good)

tis the return of what has been forgotten that we must remember

Free Online Event

“Secrets of Master Astrologers”

(CWC photo by Sandra Mastromonaco)

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